Diamond Full Details

  • Diamond SKU10509
  • Diamond Weight0.55Ct
  • Diamond ColorFancy Intense Pink
  • Diamond ShapePrincess
  • Diamond ClarityDiamond Clarity
  • Diamond Measurements4.53x4.45x3.24
  • Diamond IntensityFancy Intense
  • Diamond FluoresenceDiamond Fluoresence
  • Diamond PolishPolish Symmetry Type
  • Diamond SymmetryPolish Symmetry Type
  • Diamond CertificateGIA
  • Certificate Number1132339871
  • Diamond CertificateARGYLE
  • Diamond Stones1

Your Personal Remarks

  • Faint
  • V. Light
  • Light
  • F. Light
  • Fancy
  • F. Intense
  • F. Vivid
  • F. Deep
  • F. Dark

One grade below the highest intensity, these stones exhibit higher saturation but similar tone to Fancy stones. Stones of this intensity are considered to have very strong color saturation and this increased saturation raises the rarity and price.

  • FL
  • IF
  • VVS1
  • VVS2
  • VS1
  • VS2
  • SI1
  • SI2
  • I1
  • I2
  • I3

Main Color:
  • Pink

Did you know that aside from being highly desirable for their passionate, romantic color, fancy pink diamonds are prized as an advantageous diamond investment by both diamond investors and collectors?

Did you know that fancy pink diamonds are the second rarest color of diamond after red?

Did you know that the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction is a pink diamond, and it fetched an impressive $83 Million for its 59.60 carat size?

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