Recommendation of Stephen C. Hofer

We would like to share with you a letter of recommendation given to Leibish & Co. by Mr. Stephen C. Hofer.


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Mr. Hofer is one of the world's leading, respected authorities on fancy color diamonds.


Leibish Polnauer and Mr. Stephen C. Hofer


Photo taken during a visit of Mr. Stephen C. Hofer to the Leibish & Co. booth at the Basel Show, Switzerland 2009.

Left: Mr. Leibish Polnauer, Leibish & Co. president
Middle: Mr. Stephen C. Hofer
Right: Mr. Shmulik Polnauer - Leibish & Co. GIA GG
Mr. Hofer is the author of the fancy color diamond books "FOREVER BRILIANT" and "COLLECTING AND CLASSIFYING COLOURED DIAMONDS."
Mr. Hofer is respected in the industry for his broad knowledge and expertise in fancy color diamonds, and for the special reports he issues on unique and rare diamonds.