"G-D created and destroyed several worlds before he allowed this world to exist", comments J.B Soloveitchik on the Midrash Raba (according to Rabbi Aharon Rakeffet)
When we all return to work we will see the actuality of these words, we have to start from fresh in terms of recreating our jobs, connections, products and communications.

It's like a flood has gone over our world, cleansed it and washed away all our previous commercial and private life. We have to start from new. At first glance it may not be as beautiful as the old world was, but it will have a completely fresh new dynamic with new opportunities. We will look back on the long confinement that we spent in our homes and apply the experience to communicate without an office, it’s like a life after death, a reincarnation of our souls in our own new bodies.

Not only with communication applications such as zoom but the new virtual understanding for those who never bought anything over the web. The internet will be at the central stage for orders, sales, conferences, presentations and even small family functions.

Here is a great chance to recreate the image of a diamond, to stop presenting it as scrap metal, discounted merchandise or a soybean sold on weight. As the new world will be heavily virtual based on pictures, videos and a virtual mix of presentation we will remember Marlene Monroe, the legend of diamonds, the ultimate symbol of love and desire.

Image of Marilyn Monroe taken from the movie Pictured above: Image of Marilyn Monroe taken from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953)

The basic motivating factor for buying a diamond or a piece of jewelry will remain the same, to give or receive something eternal, real and everlasting. We realized that our existence is like a fading dream, a disappearing shadow.

I would not go so far to say that we needed this as a wake up call, but I am not the person mixing the cards. You have to play with the card you are dealt, we all have to move forward and take the driver's seat. Be fearless, we have the chance to to build our new world and not look back on what was, but what is and what is yet to come.

As my old friend the renowned Gemologist Stephen Hoffer once said "diamonds have to be graded on rarity and beauty not by a list". Price lists have a negative effect on demand and only open new gates to manipulations. Spend your energy on forming connections with new clients or rekindling connections with old and lost clients.

Diamonds are completely timeless, they never age, they don’t get old like we do. They keep their energy and vibrating beauty forever. Start to live in our new world putting the right foot forward.

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