Chester Cheetah Introduced a $20,000 Diamond and Sapphire Jewelry Piece

One of the first things taught in business school is that a company must focus on products that are relevant to their vision and general industry. For instance, Toyota is not going to start marketing a new soft drink. They are a car company, in the automobile industry, not a player in the food and beverage sphere. Similarly, you wouldn’t imagine Cheetos, a well-known name in the snack industry, aiming to create items such as lavish diamond and gemstone piece of jewelry. However, the world works in mysterious ways, and it appears some companies like to follow suit.

The orange-colored puffed-corn snack famously recognized by its cool cheetah mascot now has a one-of-a-kind high-end jewelry set to go along with its cheesy snack. Chester Cheetah reportedly designed an orange sapphire and black and colorless diamond earrings, and ring, that is being offered for a whopping $20,000. While there may not be a direct connection between snack food and jewelry, there is a link between Cheetos and anything cheetah-related, even if it is diamond jewelry.

The Eye of the Cheetah Jewelry Set

If you are in the market for some awe inspiring jewelry gifts, you can check out our diamond jewelry gifts. But, if you are perhaps a die-hard Cheetos fan who is prepared to shell out some serious cash and looking for the gift you will never forget, thanks to Chester Cheetah, you might be in luck! The Eye of the Cheetah set, supposedly designed by Chester Cheetah, is part of the Cheetos holiday Chestora collection, which also includes cufflinks and perfume that is being offered on their website. The set includes 18K gold earrings and a ring that collectively display 190 black and colorless diamonds and over 7 carats of orange sapphires. Designed to resemble the cheetah’s pattern with the black diamond “spots” and orange coloring thanks to the magnificent sapphires, the set is geared toward the ultimate Cheetos fan. With a ring boasting a 4.7-carat orange sapphire and matching earrings showcasing orange sapphires totaling 2.89 carats, this set isn’t just fit for the most faithful fan, but for royalty as well.

Gimmick or a Collector’s Dream?

There is no doubt that these jewels are beautiful and include some stunning stones. However, the question is if this product is too gimmicky to be considered serious jewelry. On the one hand you have jewelry being marketed by a snack food company in an almost cartoonish manner, and on the other hand you have a literal one-of-a-kind luxurious jewelry set that can easily be “that” missing piece in an avid jewelry collector’s collection. This very dilemma is certainly part of the thought process that went into the creation of the collection and is what has made it such a hot news topic. That in itself is a brilliant move on the company’s part. 

We are seeing more and more “inbreeding” between industries that generally deal with very different worlds. For example, it is almost considered mandatory for professional sports teams to produce their own diamond or gemstone ring for the winning team of the championships. Many of these blends have been involving diamonds and gems in some shape or form, whether as purely a marketing tactic or to truly venture into unchartered waters. In any case, it’s always refreshing and enthralling to see how the beauty of diamonds draws the interest of those so far removed from the gemstone world and enables them to be touched by nature’s glorious gifts.

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