Clarity Enhancement

Over time professionals have developed various methods of artificial enhancement in order to improving a diamonds quality. There are treatments used to both enhance the diamond color and other methods used to improve diamond clarity.

The most common treatments used to enhance the clarity of the stones are KM (Kiduach Meyuhad), otherwise known as Laser Drilling and Fracture Filling.


Laser Drilling KM


Laser drilling, known in the industry as KM which abbreviates a Hebrew term 'Kiduach Meyuchad,' is used to rid of internal black inclusions. This procedure is not used often, however, when it is, it's quite effective.

Once the drill-hole is made in the stone straight down from the surface to the black inclusion, an acidic bleaching substance is inserted into the whole and removes the inclusion.

An unfavorable characteristic about KM is the 'laser drill-hole' that remains in the stone after the process is completed.


Fracture Filling


The Fracture filling procedure enhances the appearance of the diamond by filling diamond cavities in with silicone. This procedure is often used to enhance white or icy inclusions in the stone. First an assessment must be made in order to locate all the fractures that could be filled with the silicone. Once filled, the treated inclusions are quite difficult to recognize.

An unfavorable characteristic about Fracture Filling is the fact that the GIA will not provide a certificate of a diamond that has been treated. The reason is because the owner could theoretically fill the stone, get a higher clarity grade, remove the filling and sell it as a natural stone with a higher clarity grade than it actually is.


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Diamond Enhancements Must Be Mentioned

In any event, whether artificial work to improve the clarity or the color is done, it absolutely must be mentioned up front, and prior to the sale.

*LEIBISH doesn't sell or deal with Artificially Enhanced Diamonds, we sell ONLY 100% natural diamonds with no color or clarity enhancements of any kind.

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