Famous Ruby Engagement Rings

Many women today feel the need to be different and are putting the traditional colorless diamond engagement ring to the side. More recently than ever, they have been seen expressing their uniqueness with original designs that use other gemstones, such as natural fancy colored diamonds and ruby engagement rings. From royalty to celebrities to your every-day-bride, the beloved red stone is replacing some of its colorless diamond counterparts. Let’s take a look at some of the most spectacular ruby engagement rings.

Jessica Simpson

Anyone who knows anything about Ms. Simpson knows she is not your typical blonde celebrity. This woman continues to surprise the world with her words, her wardrobe choices, and pretty much everything. It therefore should not come as a surprise that Jessica’s engagement ring from fiancé Eric Johnson was a Neil Lane 5-carat ruby and diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold. Combined with the vintage style of the ring, Simpson’s ring was the talk of the town and continues to be one of the most famous ruby engagement rings of all times.

Sarah Ferguson

The former Duchess of York received a ruby engagement ring surrounded by diamonds from now ex-husband Prince Andrew. The ring was quite similar to that of Princess Diana, though the Princess’s ring boasts a sapphire and not a ruby. Additionally, Sarah’s stone is a tad smaller than Princess Diana’s and has ten diamonds surrounding the ruby in contrast to Diana’s fourteen diamonds. Though the ring is fairly simple for a Duchess, it must be said that it complemented Sarah’s red hair perfectly.

Courtney Love

Kirt Cobain gave Courtney Love a ruby and diamond engagement ring From House of Taylor. The ring consisted of 12.48-carats of Burmese rubies and 5 carats of colorless diamonds. On Christmas of 1995, the ring was stolen and was later sold for $63,600.

Diamonds may be forever, but diamond engagement rings will not necessarily continue to be the “traditional” engagement ring forever. These delightful ruby engagement rings as well as many others like them have shown us that diamond engagement rings need to move over and make room for a number of other options brides-to-be can be presented with.

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