Fancy Color Diamonds Back in Action in Hong Kong

After almost 2 weeks since the record breaking auctions in Geneva, the action is back, this time in the far east; Hong Kong.


Quite a few stones were the centre of attention in the Fancy Color Arena. The lot that got the highest amount of money overall, went to the 12.85 carat, Fancy Intense Orangey Pink diamond ring, with a VVS1 clarity that sold for $4,949,532 or $385,177 per carat. This one gets the bronze medal.


The Silver medal goes to the 1.39 carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond with an SI1 clarity that sold for $751,500 or $540,674 per carat. It is a magnificent Brooch made by the Japanese designer GIMEL, a flower head with the fantastic looking Pink diamond in the middle, surrounded by more pink and colorless diamonds, accompanied by a ladybug mounted with a sapphire.


Unsurprisingly, the Gold medal went to the 2.20 carat Fancy Intense Blue, Internally Flawless, and marquise shape, Diamond that left the event with its new owner that paid $1,404,527 or $638,421 per carat.


No new world records were set, but impressive prices paid towards the end of an exciting year in the Fancy Color Diamond’s world. Other shining starts of the evening was a Fancy Vivid Yellow, 10.01 carat, SI1 clarity diamond sold for $471,631 or $47,116 per carat, and the 6.08 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Internally Flawless diamond sold for $658,210 or $108,258 per carat.

We are still very excited to finish the year with a few more exciting auctions around the globe. Stay tuned for the results.


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