Fancy Green Diamonds Shining Bright from Sotheby's Hong Kong

On Friday, December 6th, the auction by Sotheby’s included mostly high end watches, but a little section of the auction was dedicated to some special Fancy Color Diamonds. A little Fancy Green Diamond, like a “star”, stood apart from the other lots all the way in Hong Kong. A 2.00 carat, square modified-cut Fancy Green diamond comfortably found itself a new owner having been sold for $423,022; a 49% premium above the high end of the estimates given to the bidders. That is quite impressive, but nothing is more impressive than the ring itself. The Fancy Green Diamond is surrounded with none other than beautiful pink diamonds mounted on an 18kt white and pink gold.


A delicate “love” trio also found itself a new home. A total of 3.85 carats, heart shaped, yellow and pink diamonds mounted in an 18kt pink gold in a matching set of earings and ring, sold for $29,019. The impressive part is that it also sold at a 50% premium above the high estimates of the auction house.


To end the auction night with another successful sale, was the 2.54 carat oval light pink which sold for $190,876. It sold at a 48% premium to the high estimate of Sotheby’s.


Fancy Color Diamonds continue to impress with exceptionally high prices paid time and time again. The market is in excellent shape, and with an increased demand and a steady price appreciation, these magnificent jewels have ways to go. Coming to the close of 2013, we have witnessed a record breaking year and look forward to what the coming year has in store for us.


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