Frequently Asked Questions About Jasper

Unless you are in the field of gemology, it is very unlikely you have heard of the gemstone Jasper. It is unfortunate though that so few people are familiar with this stone, as it is beautiful and has many advantages. Here some of the most frequently asked questions about jasper, which will hopefully assist you in becoming more knowledgeable about gemstone education.

1. What is a jasper stone?

First and foremost, many people want to know what a jasper stone actually is. Well, jasper is an opaque stone, a member of the quartz family, and is a combination of several mineral phases including chalcedony. Jasper can be green, red, yellow, and brown. Blue jasper exists but is quite rare. As one of March’s birthstones, jasper is used to create various items such as vases and is also cut into gemstones to be used in jewelry pieces.

2. What color is a jasper gemstone?

Jasper is found in reds, yellows, greens, and browns, and occasionally, blues as well. The colors, though exceptionally beautiful, are all opaque, so they lack the gleam that other gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and even tourmalines tend to exude.

3. What is the meaning of a green jasper stone?

Green jasper is a type of jasper stone, which is of course green. This green variety is considered very desirable due to its unique and pure hue. Green jasper can range in shades from a very light sea green to a deeper olive or grass green. This type of jasper has been used throughout history and among different cultures for a variety of purposes including healing, bringing rain, and keeping away evil spirits.

4. What is the meaning of jasper beads?

Jasper beads are beads created from jasper stone. Since jasper is fairly inexpensive and often consist of interesting patterns, it is not used so much as a center stone like diamonds, but rather, formed into beads to create lively and slightly less expensive jewelry. Because jasper stones come in so many color combinations and patterns, they are named either for their pattern or for their place of origin. Jasper beads are considered stones of protection.

The word Jasper comes from Old French and means a specked or spotted stone. Although jasper differs greatly from many individuals’ idea of a gemstone, it is a warm stone with plenty of character. If you are in the market for something different, and a whole lot of color, consider making jasper your next gemstone purchase.

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