Important Pink Diamonds Sold at Auction

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are making headlines all over the news, as the awareness of these beautiful stones are greatly increasing. In fact, pink diamonds in particular are a hot topic since a rare 59.60-carat Fancy Vivid oval-shaped diamond will be sold at auction for an estimated $60 million in the coming month. If purchased, this will make it the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction! Here’s a look at some other important pink diamonds that have made waves over the years.


The Graff Pink - 23.88-carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond


To date, the Graff Pink, which sold in 2010 for $46 million is the highest price ever paid for a diamond at auction. This large and unique specimen is not only one of the most important pink diamonds in the world, but it is among the few already impressive stones professionals in the field have managed to improve. ‘The king of bling,’ Lawrence Graff improved the 24.78-carat Fancy Intense pink potentially flawless diamond by polishing off only a few points. He managed to divulge a 23.88-carat Fancy Vivid Pink, emerald-cut, internally flawless diamond.


The diamond broke the record of most expensive diamond ever sold in November 2010 when it was sold for $42,100,000.  Known as the Graff Pink, this diamond has held the prestigious record ever since.


The Vivid Pink - A 5.00-Carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond


In December of 2009, a mere 5-carat cushion-cut Fancy Vivid Pink cushion-cut diamond broke two records when it sold at Christie’s for $10,830,719. It became the most expensive pink diamond ever sold, and it became the most expensive diamond per carat ever sold.


Fancy Intense Pink 14.23-Carat Emerald-Cut Diamond


In November 2010, Christie’s sold a 14.23-carat emerald-cut Fancy Intense Pink diamond for $23,100,000. That is a total of $1,623,300 per carat! It was the most expensive jewel ever sold in Asia.


Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink 9-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond


Christie’s sold the most valuable pink diamond ever sold in the United States when it sold a 9-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink cushion-cut diamond in April 2012. The stone sold for $15,762,500, putting it at $1,751,388 per carat.


The Princie Diamond - 34.65-Carat Fancy Intense Diamond


The most recent significant pink diamond sold at auction was the 34.65-carat cushion-cut Fancy Intense Pink diamond, which sold in April 2013 for $39,323,750. Though that is quite the sum, and a fairly large stone, it did not break the current record-holding pink diamond, which is the Graff Pink, although it is greater in size.


There have been many phenomenal diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and colors sold at auction over the years, but it takes very special stones to even come close to breaking a record. With such a high estimate, the enormous and impressive 59.60-carat diamond, known as the Pink Star, will certainly fetch a sum far higher than its estimate, and will put the Graff Pink to the side, at least for now.

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