Majestic in Pink - The Majestic Pink Diamond

For those of you in the market for something special in the form of a pink diamond, M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans, Louisiana has something that may suit your taste if not your budget.

The Majestic Pink Diamond is a 12.27 carat VVS1, Type IIa designation, cushion-cut fancy pink diamond. The quality and designation of the diamond are rare for a colored diamond of this size which should make it a very attractive proposition for collectors. It is mounted on an 18 karat rose gold and platinum ring and comes with an asking price of USD7.85 million or almost USD640,000 per carat. 

The price may seem excessive but, when compared to recent auction results, seems to be in keeping with the market. In November 2010, Christie’s auctioned "The Perfect Pink," a 14.23 carat, emerald cut, fancy intense pink diamond for USD23.1 million or USD1.623 million per carat. In April 2012, a 9.00 carat cushion cut, fancy vivid purplish-pink diamond was auctioned by Christie’s for the princely sum of USD15,762,500 or USD1,751,388 per carat.

The Majestic Pink Diamond was displayed online on the website from August 8. For those who prefered to view the ring personally, it was on display at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, August 23 – 26.

Even if this ring does not meet your purchasing criteria, such an item of beauty is always worth a look.

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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