Pink Diamonds Kick Off 2015

On April 21, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off a rare 4.57 carat  Fancy Vivid Pink IF heart shaped diamond ring. The last time we have seen a similar diamond up at auction was NEVER! And that is a great way to start the auction season for fancy color diamonds.


Sotheby’s has estimated the value of the diamond to be between $6 million and $7 million, which translate into $1.31million to $1.53 million per carat. Currently, the world record for a 3.00-4.99ct size Fancy Vivid Pink is $993k per carat achieved on April 3, 2012 by a 3.28 ct Fancy Vivid Pink IF clarity diamond just like our current diamond.


We all know that going from a diamond in the 3ct weight to a 4ct weight, there is significant price appreciation right away. Both are Internally Flawless, which gives us a similar comparison in clarity. One distinguished difference is the color. The 4.57ct heart is a deeper bubble gum color, more life to it.

Even if the heart sells at $1.31 million per carat, it will mean a new record for the 3-5 ct category. I have a feeling that this rare heart shape, will gain more than the high end $1.53 million per carat.

By how much? Only time will tell…

Another Lucky start in this auction is a 77.77 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond, also being auctioned off. The estimate is between $6.8 million to $7.5 million, or $87.4k to $96.4k per carat.

Only 15 other Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds have ever sold over $100k per carat. Let’s see if this one will be a new member to the $100k exclusive club, and only 3 of them were over 75 carats in size.



What prices do you think the 4.57 carat pink diamond and 77.77 carat diamond will get at auction in April? Tell us in the comments!


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