Presidents Corner October 2011 - Passions and Desires

As a child I was under the impression that people collected only stamps and foreign coins. In the little Hungarian village I grew up in nobody heard about contemporary Chinese Art or Fancy Colored Diamonds.

A friend of mine collected a lot of Chinese Art. He was not particularly an art lover, nor did he have a soft spot for China. He just thought it best to invest his money wisely and considered contemporary Chinese Art a safe investment.

Collectors of fancy colored diamonds see the world with a 10X magnification loupe, focused only on stones that are missing from their collections. Their prime considerations are not on future financial returns and their desires sometimes have no limits, or financial boundaries, and no geographical borders. They simply just love fancy colored diamonds. We have some clients in Germany and in Japan who own very small stones with insane color saturation. When we list these types of stones online they usually remain on our web store for only a few minutes. Collectors hurry to purchase these little beauties.


0.04 Carat, Fancy Vivid Green Blue, Marquise, VS2

0.04 Carat, Fancy Vivid Green Blue, Marquise, VS2

Only a small number of clients act out of passion, for example, collectors of rare stones such as Argyle Pink Diamonds. Those clients aren’t looking for majestic diamonds that catch their eyes. Rather, they are focusing on the quality and color of these unique stones.

Most follow other incentives for purchasing fancy color diamonds, such as:

  • Presenting a Beautiful Gift:
    Buying a fancy color diamond engagement ring or anniversary present is more of a higher calling. Once you see these stones with your own eyes, almost no man can resist the urge of presenting his fiance or wife with a fancy colored diamond ring. For those who doubt me, just have a look at this classic 2ct Fancy Yellow Engagement ring.


    2.00 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Cushion, VS1

    2.00 Carat, Fancy Yellow, Cushion, VS1

  • Wise Investment Opportunities:
    Investments are currently our strongest growing segment. People who have one common goal. A good return on their initial investment and knowing their money is safe. These people have no special calling or desires for colored diamonds at all. Rather, after reading up on the subject they can clearly see the potential gain. Investing in fancy color diamonds that are set or unset for long time appreciation. However, I have seen many clients make the final decision during the process of the purchase, change their minds and let us make a lovely ring of their investment stone. For example, have a look at the ring we crafted for a client once they decided on this 2.05ct Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange Pear shape.


    2.05 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange, Pear, SI2

    2.05 Carat, Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange, Pear, SI2

In order to start a fancy color diamond collection you don’t need to start with a million dollars. What you do need is a clear concept of what you are looking for and some money which you don’t need immediately. When I advise people about investing in fancy color diamonds, I don’t suggest stones I would like to sell. Rather, I suggest stones we are interested in purchasing again.

Experienced collectors often pursue the rarest stones. Red and purple, being the rarest colors around, are priced the highest. Followed by orange, green, blue, and then pink.

The greatest fancy color diamond collector known to us is the Sultan of Brunei.

Lately, the Sultan keeps a very low profile. However, I remember the time quite well when the Queen, the number one wife, was active in buying and collecting fancy color diamonds. She loved pink diamond watches. We loved her as well since we sold all the pink melle for the watches she purchased. She was the most important client in the whole diamond market.

The Sultan always sought after his passions and desires and thought very little, if anything at all, of capital gain on his jewelry. He definitely didn’t purchase those stones in order to put them away for rainy days, and it rains a lot in his country!

The 0.95-carat Hancock Red diamond sold for a record price of USD $880,000 at a Sotheby's auction in 1987, and was purchased by an agent of the Sultan of Brunei. This works out to about USD $926,000 per carat. Incidentally, we at LEIBISH just received word that one of the stones we won at the most recent Argyle tender was a 0.80ct Fancy Red, Oval diamond.

Not many people know that in 1947 Queen Elizabeth II received a 54ct Intense Pink diamond for her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh. This stone was later mounted onto a brooch by Cartier. The Queen still remains one of the biggest collectors of natural fancy color diamonds.

Although most of our clients are ordinary people and don’t have the financial capacity of the Sultan or The Queen.


Eifel Canary EarringsEifel Canary Earrings

The Eiffel Canary Earrings

It has yet to be appreciated that investing in fancy color diamonds is one of the most brilliant investment opportunities around. In comparison with the financial returns over the past few years, up against other sectors in the financial market, fancy colored diamonds have displayed excellent value. Over the past decade having shown a steady financial appreciation, fancy color diamonds exhibit investment characteristics that few other investments can match.
About the Mike and Lisa Four Seasons Color Collection

The Mike and Lisa Four Seasons Color Collection is a unique compilation of diamond jewelry that serves as a diamond investment portfolio. Commissioned by one of LEIBISH’s U.S based private clients, the collection is a compilation of ten unique “one of a kind” pieces of jewelry. Each was conceived by our own jewelry designer, Chavi Itzhakov.


Chavi Itzahkov, LEIBISH

Chavi Itzahkov, LEIBISH Jewelry Designer

The stones used to design these pieces are all of exceptional quality. Each was individually selected in order to create these designs. Below are some highlights from the Mike and Lisa Four Season Color Collection.

The first item is a 0.61ct Emerald cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond ring. It is set in a 7.90gram 18k Platinum + Rose gold ring and flanked with 0.27ct Kite shaped Fancy Blue diamonds as side stones.


0.61ct Emerald Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring0.61ct Emerald Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring0.61ct Emerald Fancy Intense Purplish Pink

0.61ct Emerald Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

The third item is a 0.52ct Radiant cut Fancy Purplish Red Diamond ring. It is set in a 5.10gram Yellow gold ring and flanked with 0.62ct Round cut collection diamond melees and 0.06ct triangle collection side stones.


0.52ct Radiant Fancy Purplish Red Diamond Ring0.52ct Radiant Fancy Purplish Red - Argyle0.52ct Radiant Fancy Purplish Red Diamond Ring

0.52ct Radiant Fancy Purplish Red Diamond Ring

The fifth item is a 4.02ct, Fancy White Round shape diamond flanked with 0.62ct Fancy Pink melees. Such a large size in this color makes this stone extremely rare.


4.02ct, Fancy White Round Diamond4.02ct, Fancy White Round Diamond4.02ct, Fancy White Round Diamond Ring

4.02ct, Fancy White, Round Diamond Ring

The center piece of this impressive portfolio is the Four Seasons Pendant diamond necklace. It contains a 0.79ct, Fancy Vivid Orange diamond, a 0.19ct, Fancy Vivid Blue-Green diamond, a 0.22ct, Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink diamond, a 0.21ct, Fancy Vivid Blue diamond, and a 0.15ct, Fancy Vivid Green diamond.


Four Seasons Pendant Diamond Necklace

Four Seasons Pendant Diamond Necklace

The largest and the dressiest item is a 5.01ct, Fancy Vivid Zimmi Yellow, VVS2, Emerald stone. It is set in a magnificent Ring with 0.90ct tW Taper Baguettes side stones.


5.01ct, Fancy Vivid Yellow, VVS2, Emerald Diamond Ring

5.01ct, Fancy Vivid Yellow, VVS2, Emerald Diamond Ring

The most impressive item is this perfectly matched pair of 12.54ct Fancy Yellow Radiant diamonds. The center stones are both Internally Flawless, EX EX, and are handcrafted in 18k White & Yellow gold, flanked with 1.97ct round brilliant collection melees. They are 0.87ct Trapezoids collection diamonds and 2 Shield cut 2.5ct Yellow diamonds


12.54ct Fancy Yellow Internally Flawless Diamond Earrings

12.54ct, Fancy Yellow, Internally Flawless, Diamond Earrings

Every big journey starts with a small step - start to build your own portfolio of fancy color diamonds with LEIBISH today. Please ask us how to go about designing the assortment that fits you best.

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