Rare 5.3-Carat Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Sells for $9.6 Million

Blue diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world, so when any blue diamond comes around, particularly one of a significant size, it makes headlines worldwide. The latest news in the Blue diamond world is the sale of a 5.3-carat Fancy Deep Blue diamond, which managed to fetch an astonishing $9.6 million. This extraordinary sum translates into $1.8 million per carat, placing it as the blue diamond with the highest price tag per carat ever to have been sold.


Set in a Bulgari ring setting, the rare jewel was able to bring in such a large profit due to its unique color, size, and history. The ring dates back to 1965, and paired with the unique color, intensity, and size of the stone, the diamond makes for a one-of-a-kind piece. Blue diamonds are among the rarest of the natural fancy colored diamond family, and needless to say stones over five carats are incredibly difficult to find. These factors contribute to the rarity of this particular diamond, enabling it to surpass its predecessor, a blue diamond that sold for $1.68 million per carat.



The blue beauty joins several other famous stones as the world’s most famous and desired blue diamonds. These diamonds include the Hope Diamond, the Wittelsbach-Graff, and the BVLGARY Blue.


The first of these three exceptional gemstones is The Hope Diamond. It was originally over 112 carats, but after having been cut a number of times, it is now a 45.52-carat Fancy Deep Blue stone. The Hope Diamond has a fascinating and quite complicated history, which has landed it in the Smithsonian where it remains today. The Hope Diamond is likely the most famous blue diamond in the world today.


The second is the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. It is a 31.06-carat Fancy Deep-Blue Diamond with an Internally Flawless clarity grade. Mr. Laurence Graff purchased the Wittelsbach, which was then renamed to Wittelsbach-Graff in 2010 for USD46 million. This stone still holds today the record for the Highest price paid for any diamond and any jewel sold at auction.


Lastly, the Bvlgari Blue which was sold at Christie's New York in October 2010 for USD 15.7 million ($1.4 million per carat). This diamond was last purchased in Rome in the late 70s by an anonymous private collector for a mere one million. Considering the price appreciation over the years, it is phenomenal!


The staggering price of this precious Blue diamond reminds us all how very valuable and highly sought after Blue diamonds are. There is no doubt regarding the diamond’s beauty as well as the undeniable value of Colored Diamonds. Now that this 5.3-carat Blue diamond has claimed the position of highest price per carat for a Blue diamond, we eagerly anticipate what its successor will be.

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