Sotheby’s NY to End Jewelry Auctions for the Year

Currently we can still say that the USA consumes the majority of jewelry globally, and so it is appropriate that we end the year with a jewelry auction there. Although December may be somewhat slower due to the various holidays, let’s not underestimate the abilities of the USA to surprise us as they have most recently with the 9.75 vivid blue “Zoe” diamond that broke records beyond anyone’s expectations!

Sotheby’s NY has caught my attention with 7 items in this auction. Here they are in the order of estimated sell value.

A significant sized 30.48 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 diamond - this diamond is estimated to be valued between $1.75 million to $2 million. We don’t expect it to break any records, but it is a true beauty, and if it sells within the estimates, it will bring some value to its owner over the short term.


Rarely do we see a nice pink diamond over 3 carats, but here we get to see a fantastic one. At 3.07 carats, this Fancy Intense Purplish Pink diamond with an SI2 clarity is valued at $1.1 - $1.3 million in total. In order to break a sub-record, it needs to sell for over $2 million.

Can it? Will it? We shall see!


A significant size stone for this color is also of major interest, a 50.34 carat Fancy Deep Brown Orange, estimated at $900K to $1.1 million. Can anybody bring more life to it?


Also up for bids is a rare color diamond to see, but very soothing color to the eye. A beautiful stone, it weighs in at 3.02 carats. This Fancy Grayish Blue color is quite special with its VVS2 clarity. Valued at $650k-$850k, it will bring its new owner true enjoyment.


This stone, with its significant size and clarity brings true value to the fancy diamond market. A 10.54 carat Faint Pink diamond with IF clarity, it is valued at $500 - $700k.


This stone, a 17.16 carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond with IF clarity is also special. Valued at between $400-$600k, it is a stunning and noticeable diamond that would make a fantastic ring.


The last item I want to bring attention to is this 8.19 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond with a VS2 clarity. It is estimated to sell for between $360 - $400k. If the stone sells between its two estimates, there is still some value in it over the medium term.

What do you think of the jewels at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction in December? Which of my picks would you bid on!


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