Types of Pink Diamonds – Shapes & Shades

Fancy color diamonds appear in every color of the rainbow, and then some. Among these many colors are hues that are found in greater abundance than others. For example, brown diamonds are the most common while yellow diamonds are a close second. It is important to stress that when talking about popular colors for color diamonds, it does not necessarily mean that they are also the most common or the most rare. Pink diamonds are certainly among the more favorable color diamonds, but they are actually quite uncommon. Yellow diamonds are also frequently sought out, yet as mentioned earlier, are more abundant. There is something very appealing about the color pink. Perhaps it’s because it’s romantic, soft, or feminine. Regardless of the reason there is huge a demand for pink diamonds, it is important to learn more about the stone including its color intensity levels, color combinations, and shapes in order to be able to make an informed decision.


Pink Diamond Shades

Most natural creations are not identical to one another. They vary in size, color, and so forth. Pink diamonds are no exception and this can be seen through the shade of pink that is visible in each stone. Some display a bright pink while others showcase such a pale pink it can barely be considered pink! The level at which a color can be detected within a stone is called a color intensity level, and is what can be perceived as a shade, although this is not accurate. Color intensity levels are different for each diamond color. Pink diamonds are usually found in the following intensity levels: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. The higher the intensity level, the higher the price, although other factors such as color combinations, clarity, cut, and carat-size play parts as well.

Faint Pink, Pear, VS2, SKU: 163812

Very Light Pink, Pear, IF, SKU: 168309

Light Pink, Oval, IF,
SKU: 330542

Fancy Light Orangy Pink, Radiant, SI1, SKU: 317751

Fancy Pink, Round, SI2, SKU: 176863

Fancy Intense Pink, 4PR, Oval, SI2, SKU: 211841


Fancy Vivid Pink, Pear, VS2, SKU: 283770

Pink Diamond Color Combinations

A pure color is often thought of as ideal because the color you most desire is the only color you see. However, when colors collide, beautiful combinations are made and they are unique. Aside from pure pink, pink diamonds can be found with secondary colors such as brownish orangy, brownish, and brown. This results in pink diamonds that are categorized as a brownish orangy pink diamond, a brownish pink diamond, or a brown pink diamond.


Light Brown Pink, SKU: 160532

Fancy Brownish Orange Pink,SKU: 226312

Fancy Brownish Orangy Pink, SKU: 51786



Pink Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond is another important element that people are after when seeking the perfect stone. Round is the go-to shape for colorless diamonds as it enhances the shine of a colorless stone in the best way possible. While the cushion and radiant shapes are preferred for fancy colors, additional shapes are common for pink diamonds as well. These include heart, marquise, oval, pear, and round. Thus when you see descriptions for pink diamonds it could look like this: Faint Pink Pear, Fancy Brownish Pink Cushion, or Light Orangy Pink Radiant.


Each diamond color, including pink, is graded slightly differently because color intensity levels and color combinations vary with each diamond color. Similarly, the metal colors of the settings are often chosen according to the stone’s color. Rose gold works best with pink diamonds, so, many of the pink diamond pieces you look at will boast pink gold. Having said that, once you have found your dream pink diamond, you can have it set any way you see fit.



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