All my memories are in strong colors. It must be the reason I got into fancy color diamonds 35 years ago. First, I remember colors, and only after do I recall the stories and places they happened. The fields of our sleepy Hungarian village were covered with all the different shades of green, tinted with yellows and orange-browns of the autumn. This is what formed the first color palate in my memory.

Vivid colors make the vivid memories. When I see today the multicolor designs of my daughter, Chavi Itzhakov, my memories with all its shades come alive.

Extraordinary Greenish Yellow Oval & Rose-cut Diamond Bangle

The greenish and tinted yellows of those Hungarian fields and our extraordinary jewelry

12.53ct Greenish Yellow Oval & Rose-cut Diamond Bangle, created by Chavi Itzhakov

As my visions are colors, it isn't only diamonds that bring them back. We use many other precious stones, and I love them all. If I could, I would use a variety of precious stones and mix them with color diamonds in order to bring the pieces to life.

Celtic Knot Tanzanite Aquamarine and Tourmaline Pendant, SKU 142100 (11.95Ct TW)

The remarkable colors of a Tanzanite and Aquamarine pendant in the theme of a Celtic Knot

Still, fancy color diamonds have a special place in my heart.

The deep blue colors of the Bavarian lakes in the Alps near Munich, always remind me of the years I spent in Germany. I guess it was the colors at the "Hochshule fur Fernsehen and Film," where I studied to become a television director. It is the association that brings back the memory; sometimes all it takes is a new diamond in our stock.

0.51 carat, Fancy Vivid Blue, Lozenge Shape, VVS2 Clarity, GIA, SKU 171853Deep Blue Oval Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, SKU 57381 (12.15Ct TW)

The remarkable shades of the 0.51ct vivid blue lozenge shaped diamond and our fantastic Sapphire earrings 

While my team, led by Israel Papushado and my son Shmulik, was polishing this 0.51ct vivid blue diamond, I must have gone back and forth to the factory fifty times. Each visit reminded me of Germany, so much so that it brought a smile to my face each time. The same association occurs with the deep blue colors of our 12.15ct Sapphire and diamond earrings.

The oil canvas up on the 3rd floor of the Old Wing at the Taj Mahal Hotel was always my favorite painting. After a long and hard day's work on my trips to India, just passing by the mustard field in pure canary yellow colors simply eased my mind. I would set myself down with a gin and tonic and immerse myself in the vivid yellow colors of the picture. 

Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Ring, SKU 92042 (1.77Ct TW) 

The A fine 1.51ct Fancy Intense Yellow cushion cut diamond ring 

When the terrorist attack, back in 2008 hit the hotel, the picture was burned and disappeared. It was just a year later that I discovered the motif of the painting on a trip from Jaipur.

Association is the key to these memories. The Yellow River, the third longest waterway in China, must bring back vivid memories for the millions of Asian’s who live today in Vancouver or the west coast of the USA.

10,17 carat, Fancy Brownish Yellow Diamond, Round shape 

 The brownish yellow coloring of the Yellow River 

No painting can match the pure aquamarine color of the sea between South India and Madagascar. All the shades of bluish green and greenish blue are coloring the ocean in the open beaches of the Maldives.

2.15 carat, Fancy Greenish Blue Diamond, Oval Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIAA Green and Brownish Pink Emerald Diamond 3 Stone Ring, SKU 34852 (1.62Ct TW)

The pure aquamarine color of the sea between South India and Madagascar can be seen in this Greenish Blue, Oval diamond and Chameleon diamond ring

Our arrival there, a few years ago, was a near crash landing. But, we were compensated very quickly by the extreme calm of the water, not to mention the beauty of the clear view through directly to the color of the ocean floor.

When I think about our trekking in Nepal, on the way to the Annapurna Base, I saw an endless moist chameleon green hillsides, covered with fog and grey greenish clouds giving away to the first rays of the rising sun.

4.01 carat, Chameleon Diamond, Cushion Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA

The association of the moist chameleon green hillsides

I am married nearly 39 years and have five wonderful children. Needless to say, I have experienced many engagements, marriages, anniversaries, and celebrations in my life.

When I have to describe the first encounter between me and my wife, I recall her pure red, Marc & Spencer cardigan, and a beautiful wide smile. She looked at me, and I was taken over.

The sweet hue of some fancy red diamonds brings me right back to that day.

0.50 carat, Fancy Purplish Red, Princess Shape, VS2 Clarity, GIA, SKU 171854

An Amazing 0.50ct, Fancy Purplish Red, Princess Shape Diamond

I actually tried to replace that beautiful red cardigan, but it was the sweet smell of our youth that is long gone with the wind. However, the associations made in the vivid memories that I have will continue to shine on forever.

Leibish Polnauer

Best regards,

Leibish Polnauer, President, and Founder of LEIBISH Fancy Color Diamonds

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