Bonhams Sells 17.82-Carat Teardrop Diamond for Triple the Estimate

The esteemed Bonhams company just had its final sale of 2013 with record-breaking sales! A number of items sold for twice and even three times their originally predicted estimates. Between the large teardrop diamond, a unique fancy intense blue diamond ring, and a fancy intense yellow diamond ring, all pieces sold for astronomical sums. It is safe to say that this end of year sale was a smashing success.


17.82 Carat Teardrop Diamond


An incredibly large teardrop-shaped diamond sold for triple its original estimate. The type IIa17.82-carat pear-shaped polished diamond sold for an astounding $8.2 million, when it was only estimated at $2.63 million! That is quite the sale, and quite the record.


Additional Pieces Sold


The successful Bonhams sale didn’t end with the impressive sale of the teardrop diamond but went on to make further noteworthy sales. Some important items that sold for significant sums include a 1.12-carat fancy intense blue diamond ring, which brought in $365,000, three times the original estimate. A 7.09-carat fancy intense yellow diamond sold for $185,000, twice the presale estimate. Finally, a 2.01-fancy brownish-pink diamond ring, estimated at approximately $78,000, sold for $155,000.


Auctions are very interesting when it comes to any item, but diamonds in particular tend to have an added element of surprise, which is always fun to witness! Bonhams has had great luck, which will hopefully continue throughout its future offerings.


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