Give your friends $500 off their first purchase.
In return, we will give you either $500 off your next purchase or a $250 Amazon gift card.

Currently only available to LEIBISH customers.
Please use the email that is registered with Leibish.
By accepting this offer you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

How it Works:

When your friend spends over $3000, you can choose either $500 towards your next Leibish purchase or a $250 Amazon gift card.

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By accepting this offer you agree to the Term and Conditions.

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frequently asked questions

Any one who has purchased from Leibish can participate in Refer a Friend.

Go to the referral landing page: ,refer a friend by entering your email address, your friend’s email address and send the offer.

Your friend must click on the referral link found in the email that they receive and claim their $500 coupon to get their credit. Your friend has to shop on and spend at least $3,000 on their first purchase.

Once your friend(s) claim(s) their coupon, they will receive an email with the $500 coupon code.

These $500 discount may be combined with other offers, discounts and/or promotions.

Only when your referral friend shops through your referral link, uses the referral code and spends at least $3,000 on their first purchase, will you receive your reward credit. Reward credit includes a choice of either:

  • Amazon gift card worth US $250
  • Coupon towards your next LEIBISH purchase worth US $500.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing following the referred friend's purchase.

Once you’ve signed in to your account, you’ll see under the Refer A Friend tab the rewards you’ve earned.

To specifically redeem your refer a friend offer, shop and enter your unique coupon code (provided in your email) at checkout.

If you have not received your reward credit that is because your referral friend has not placed an order using the coupon code, or they are not eligible because they are a current customer. You may log onto your account to check status, or contact Customer Service at or 1-888-907-3440 for further details.

You can find your code in your emails. Alternatively you can also contact our sales team at in order to receive it again.

Yes, your reward expires 1 year after you’ve received your email.

Yes, exclusions apply. Referrals must be new customers and shop for a minimum of $3,000 for reward credit to be activated.