Chocolate that Won't Melt in your Mouth

In preparation for this holiday season, people have begun their search for the best gifts they can find. The idea is to present your loved ones with something so beautiful, so unique, and so alluring that they will find it hard to contain their excitement. Ask any man, woman, or child about their favorite things in life and chocolate is sure to be in their top five. However, wouldn't it just be magnificent to not only have it melt in their mouth but if you managed to have it melt their heart as well?
One of the most brilliant marketing campaigns, Rio Tinto, LTD., the owner of one of the most famous diamond mines in the world, the Argyle Diamond Mine, coined the phrase "Chocolate Diamonds" when referring to Fancy Brown/Cognac/Champagne Diamonds. The combination of chocolate or Champagne, which was already cherished by all, together with diamonds, every woman's best friend, equals pure satisfaction!

 Different Shades of Cognac Diamonds

Different shades of brown diamonds. From light brown (champagne), to darker (chocolate) colored, to deep (cognac) colored diamonds.

The Argyle diamond mine in Australia, one of the largest diamond mines today, is known for its produce of excellent quality stones. However, more than the  fame of its colorless produce, some of the worlds most intense Chocolate colored diamonds, Violet colored diamonds, Pink colored diamonds, and Red colored diamonds are found in that mine.

As a result of their abundance in nature, and therefore somewhat easier than a Fancy Green Diamond or Fancy Blue Diamond to get your hands on, Chocolate colored diamonds have been rapidly attracting a lot of attention. Their prices in comparison to other fancies are extremely attractive, and their appearance is absolutely breathtaking. 

 Different Champagne Shades

In fact, Rio Tinto, LEIBISH, and many other famous jewelers were not the only people who recognized this graceful connection. The Chocolatier, Paul Wittamer, teamed up with the jeweler Fabienne Lascar to create dessert so magnificent that it was officially named as the most expensive chocolate praline in the world. They set a 3.63-carat colorless diamond $240,000 chocolate praline made of dark ganache, ginger, edible gold leaf, and caramel.

This holiday season might be the opportune time you have been waiting for to really spoil your loved ones appetite and giver her a real reason to celebrate!
Read more about Champagne Colored Diamonds or view LEIBISH's Champagne Diamond Collection.


Contributor: Benji Margolese

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