The Ashberg Diamond

The Ashberg is a cushion – shaped, 102.48 carat diamond. The exact color and clarity grades of the diamond are not known. The stone is a variable amber color which could mean anything between yellow, orange, and brown. As amber is a vague term, it cannot be used to describe a diamond. The diamond seems to be of South African origin.

The Ashberg was named after Mr. Ashberg, a leading Stockholm banker, who acquired the diamond from a Russian trade delegation that visited Sweden in 1934. It was formerly a part of the Russian Crown Jewels. The stone was mounted as a pendant to a diamond necklace by the Stockholm firm of Bolin, former Crown Jewelers to the court of St. Petersburg.

In 1959, the Ashberg was put up for sale at the Bukowski auction house. It failed to reach its reserve and was withdrawn. However, it was sold privately after auction to an undisclosed private buyer. In 1981, Christie’s Geneva was once again offered for sale and once again failed to reach its reserve and was withdrawn.


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