The Porges

The Asscher-cut, 78.53 carat, SI1 clarity, Fancy Yellow Porges Diamond was bought by Harry Winston in 1962. Winston designed two different pieces of jewelry for the Porges diamond. It could be worn either as a brooch, within a frame set with cabochon-cut emeralds and rubies where the Porges diamond was the centerpiece or as a single stone, set within a simple gold ring mount. It was sold by Winston in 1968 and auctioned by Christie's in 2004 for USD769,100

The stone is named after French diamond mining pioneer, Jules Porges. Porges’ descended from a prominent Austro-Hungarian family. He was born in Vienna, raised in Prague, and his father was a jeweler. By the 1860s, Porges had settled in Paris where he founded Jules Porges & Company  and became a driving force in the diamond trade. In 1876, Porges traveled to Kimberley, South Africa, and invested in the mining rights of four major mines -The De Beers mine, Bultfontein mine, Dutoitspan mine, and the Kimberley mine. He also purchased already discovered rough diamonds, which were sent to Paris for processing.

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