The Tereschenko Diamond

The pear-shaped, 42.92 carat, Fancy Blue Tereschenko diamond came to prominence in 1984 when it was auctioned by Christie’s Geneva. Its provenance is unknown, however the usual culprits of South Africa and India are assumed, with a stronger linkage to India. Originally owned by the prominent Tereschenko family, the stone was deposited with Cartier in Paris. In 1915 Cartier was instructed to remount the gem as the centerpiece in a necklace containing a variety of fancy colored diamonds. In 1916, on the eve of the Russian Revolution, the Tereschenko Diamond was secreted out of Russia and then passed into private ownership.

The Tereschenkos were a very wealthy and prominent family in pre-communist Russia. They were landowners and industrialists and owned several sugar factories in Russia. Numerous family members reached positions of prominence in industry and politics.

The Tereschenko was auctioned in 1984 for the sum of USD4,508,196 to Lebanese diamond dealer, Robert Mouawad.

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