Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant with Second Child

The news of a pregnancy should not be considered world news, even if it is a celebrity pregnancy. However, everything and anything royalty related defies all laws of reason, and the recent and joyous news of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s impending second pregnancy has made waves around the globe. The fascination with this duo began with their courtship and only heightened with their wedding, and later, the pregnancy and birth of their first son.


The Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton, is loved for many reasons, much like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. For starters, she does not come from royalty, and is very relatable as a “commoner.” Secondly, Kate, like Princess Diana, as well as Jacky Kennedy, quickly became a fashion icon due to her impeccable taste in clothing and all things fashion related. Most importantly, Kate has a very likeable demeanor that she exudes through her infectious smile.


The excitement that surrounded the pregnancy and birth of baby Prince George was tremendous, largely due to the fact that the baby would be a future heir, but also because Kate had a very difficult pregnancy yet managed to pull through like a champ. Therefore, the news of yet another child stirs up many emotions, knowing that Kate will once again experience a difficult pregnancy as a result of her condition, but will also soon provide Prince George with a baby sister or brother. Here is a look at this royal fashionista and mommy-to-be, as well as the fabulous jewels she has adorned over the years and may likely receive in the near future.


Royal Push Presents


The Royal Family is not the only thing that will be expanding with the addition of another child, but Kate’s jewelry collection might be getting larger as well. It is customary to present one’s partner with a gift known as a “push present,” as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for enduring the pregnancy and of course, the labor itself. When Prince George was born, William reportedly gave Kate a pink diamond brooch. Who knows what he will have in store for her this time around, especially knowing that Kate will once again be suffering through a difficult pregnancy? Though the idea of a “push present” may not appeal to all, it is still a very lovely gesture; to indulge a new mother with something beautiful. A sparkling piece of jewelry from a ring to a pair of earrings can lift one’s spirits, which can suffer greatly postpartum, due to hormones and adjusting to life with a new baby.


Many Outfits, Even More Jewels


As mentioned earlier, Kate has terrific taste in clothing, so every appearance is a statement. The biggest statements, though, are made on the various tours that the Duke and Duchess go on, as well as the important events that they attend around the globe. Their most recent tour was to New Zealand and Australia, where Kate wore a reported 30 outfits to her 48 engagements. Each and every ensemble was carefully chosen, as were the amazing pieces of jewelry she used to accented them. It is impossible to begin the very long list of jewels worn by the Duchess of Cambridge without mentioning her breathtaking blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which she received from Prince William, and once belonged to Princess Diana. The ring consists of a very large blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. The look is regal and effortless, just like Kate and the late Princess Diana. Other noteworthy pieces worn by the Duchess include the multicolor diamond necklace worn to the Sun Military Awards in 2011, the Zara necklace worn to the premiere of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” in 2013, and the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace, worn on loan from the Queen.


Kate’s exquisite jewelry choices are a combination of traditional royal jewels, which can be quite ostentatious, and more toned down jewels that better depict her personal style. Such pieces include simple diamond studs, drop pearl earrings, drop diamond earrings, emerald earrings, and diamond bracelets. Though the Duke of Cambridge has picked up on his wife’s true taste and will hopefully continue to surprise her with stunning jewels, both types of jewelry displayed by Kate are always worn well, as Kate has mastered the art of filling the royal role without compromising on who she is. Soon, she will be a mother of two, in addition to her many other roles and titles, but she will surely continue being the ultimate fashion icon who is admired by people all around the world.

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