Frequently Asked Questions about Garnets

Garnets are some of the lesser-known gemstones. In fact, the only reason most people have heard the word garnet before is that it is often mistaken for a ruby. Having said that garnets are spectacular specimens that are found in an array of colors. To help you make some order, we have listed several of the most frequently asked questions regarding garnets.

What is a garnet?

A garnet is a silicate mineral. There are several garnet species. Though red garnets are the most popular garnet color, garnets are found in a variety of colors.

What color is a garnet birthstone?

Coming from the Old English word, garnet, which means “dark red,” most people are familiar with red garnets but less aware of the many other garnet colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, and colorless. A garnet birthstone can be any of these colors.

Where are garnets found?

Garnets are found all over the world. There are many types of garnets and each type is found in different locations. Pyrope can be found in South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, and Madagascar, while Almandite originates from India, Brazil, and the USA. Additional species include Spessartite from China, Tanzania, Kenya, among other locations, Uvarovite from Poland, Russia, and Finland, Grossularite from South Africa, Zambia, and Myanmar, and others as well.

What is a garnet stone's value?

Due to their abundance, garnets are not nearly as valuable as other gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, though they are officially considered gemstones. A garnet's individual value is determined just like other gemstones: according to the 4 Cs. In terms of color, red is considered the most common garnet color while blue is the rarest. Other colors include yellow, peach, green, orange, brown, purple, and pink. Another rare color factor that can determine a garnet's value is the garnet that changes color. This is very uncommon, thus making those unique stones with this occurrence extremely valuable. It goes without saying that a garnet's color is the most important element. Nevertheless, its clarity, cut, and carat size assist in determining a garnet's worth as well.

Is a garnet a mineral?

Garnets are silicate minerals, thus making them minerals.


How are garnets formed?

Garnets are formed due to intense temperatures and pressure. Generally, garnets are found in rocks that form under these same conditions.

What is the meaning of a green garnet?

Green garnet, or Tsavorite, is a rare form of garnet found in Kenya. In addition to being rare and valuable, these green garnets are believed to bring one wealth and enhance one's level of respect as well as his or her creativity and emotional well being.

What is the meaning of an almandine garnet?

Almandine garnets are the most common type of garnet. Most of these stones are not gem quality, and are used mainly for industrial purposes.

What is the value of an almandine garnet?

Though most almandine garnets are not particularly valuable due to their dark and opaque nature, some top quality almandine garnets can appear similar to rubies, thus making them more desirable and valuable.

What is the meaning of a garnet stone?

Throughout history, various gemstones were believed to hold certain powers. A garnet was thought to cure depression, bring success to one's business, increase one's self esteem, and to provide one with protection.

The world of garnets is truly a world of its own. With a wide range of colors, and many different types of species, garnets are not only found across the globe, but they are also used for a variety of purposes. From industrial uses to prized gemstones, garnets are quite remarkable and should not be overlooked when in the market for a new and exciting gemstone.

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