The Desire to Return Home to Australia

Our sages teaching us that not only do people have a soul, but stones also. This is probably the reason for the recent surge in Australians that are looking for all the Argyle diamonds ever mined and calling them to return home. Sometimes I have a feeling that Rio Tinto inserted a microchip in every Argyle stone which urges the diamonds to return to Australia.

The anticipated 2020 closure of the Argyle mine makes this love affair even more pressing.

Leibish has the largest online selection of Argyle Pink diamonds and we never miss an opportunity to add new stones to our collection. Whether from the dealers within the market or from private individuals, whenever the possibility arises to buy a nice stone - we are ready. 

2.34 carat, Fancy Intense Pink Diamond, Radiant Shape, SI1 Clarity, GIA & ARGYLE
SKU: 365552

The buyers at Leibish are privileged to be invited to participate in every one of the Argyle Tenders over the past few years and we have acquired a substantial number of these beautiful stones.

The March 2019 Single Premium Tender contained 50 stones. While Shmulik, our in-house GIA graduate gemologist, made an offer on nearly every single stone, we only took home 3 of them. Bidding at these tenders means that you are competing with over 100 others and it is a serious challenge, as only the highest bidder gets the stone. If your offer is too high- you won't be able to sell the stone, and if you offer even a dollar below the highest bidder- you've missed the game.

The demand for Argyle diamonds today is much higher than the supply, while the nicest of stones are practically non-existent. This is what continues to drive up the prices even further.

I sometimes feel a similarity between Argyle diamonds and red wines – the color of both awakens the desire.

The distinct color mix of Raspberry and Bulgarian Rose Oil is a tone that is only present in Australian Pink diamonds and it is a color to die for.

Clients are usually opposed to strong blue fluorescence in diamonds, but it's important to remember that the vast majority of Argyle stones indeed have strong blue fluorescence.

What novice clients don't realize is that it is this trait that actually contributes to their extraordinary color face up, and as a result they look even more vibrant with a strong color luster!

I'd like to invite you to take a look at our selection of recently sold Argyle Pink Diamond Jewelry.

Each and every piece was designed by our customers and handcrafted by our team of experts in our studio in Tel Aviv.

Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink Oval Argyle Diamond Double Halo Side-stone Ring (0.56Ct TW) SKU: 386429

Extraordinary Fancy Intense Pink Radiant Diamond Dress Ring (2.42Ct TW)
SKU: 371912

For further information on how you can acquire your own Argyle Pink Diamond, please contact us at

PS. We offer complimentary shipping world-wide, including Australia!

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