The Pink Panthers Gang - Jewelry Thieves

It took more than a bumbling Inspector Clouseau to solve this one.

Police finally caught more than a break with regard to the infamous Pink Panther gang of international jewelry thieves when they recently arrested a suspected gang member near Paris.


With a cumulative haul in excess of USD 500 million from clinically executed jewelry heists, the Pink Panther gang is at the top of its profession. Comprised of members from the former Yugoslavia and now apparently based in Montenegro, their numbers are estimated to be anywhere between 60 and a few hundred.


The gang came to real prominence and earned their nickname in 2003 following a theft in London where they stole millions of dollars of diamonds from Laurence Graff. Well known for his fantastic collection of luxurious diamonds, Graff Diamonds holds the most expensive pink diamond and blue diamond ever purchased at auction. So, needless to say, this robbery attracted a lot of fame. Two of the gang members were arrested as a result of this crime, but very little of the stolen goods were ever recovered. One of the diamonds from this robbery was actually found in a jar of face cream. In the movie The Return of the Pink Panther a similar occurrence transpired and the nickname was born. To pay homage to the nickname the gang wore pink shirts for a robbery in Zurich. Guess they have a sense of humor as well as a highly advanced talent for glamorous heists.

Locations that have been victim to the Pink Panther gang’s unique talents include Japan, France, Switzerland, Dubai, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Spain, Paris, Luxembourg, and Germany.

The arrest of Nijan Drobnjak will not spell the end of the Pink Panther gang but every small victory for the “good guys” is another chink in the armor of the Pink Panthers.

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