Is There Something About Cameron Diaz?

Is it possible that 42 year old heartthrob, Cameron Diaz, is finally going to tie the knot? Has Good Charlotte guitarist, Benji Madden, gone where no man has succeeded in achieving where others have failed by receiving a “Yes” response from Diaz when proposing to her? We don’t know for certain, however Diaz has now been sighted on numerous occasions with what seems to be an beautiful engagement ring on her left hand.

Diaz was first spotted wearing the unique ring at the Academy's Hollywood Costume luncheon and has been subsequently seen wearing the ring on numerous occasions. This has set the rumor mill on fire.

Perhaps best known for her starring role in the comedy, There’s Something About Mary, Diaz is not only older than her beau, or should that be fiancé, but also taller than him. Obviously this is of no concern to Diaz though and, with the sort of bling on her finger these days, this is not surprising. 

The ring is definitely not your run of the mill engagement ring. Without a doubt, it has been custom made enabling her to design it on her own and is seemingly two bands that are perfectly complementary – one is a three-rows diamond band, the other a uniquely set larger diamond. Perhaps the setting can best be described as serpent-like.

One thing is for sure, engagement ring or not, this ring is a one-off, just like Diaz, and being the trendsetter that she is, it would not be surprising in the least if it became the inspiration for other engagement rings.


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