Joan Rivers: Utterly Candid and Truly Refined

The profound power of the media and all its components is brought to light with the loss of someone of great stature. It is then that we can so clearly see how one person’s natural disposition, character, and soul can significantly impact individuals of all walks of life, around the globe.

We experienced such a loss when the vivacious and extraordinarily talented Joan Rivers passed away shortly after experiencing complications during surgery in a NY hospital. Rivers was many things, including an escape for millions through her comedy, as well as a fashion icon and a symbol of being yourself, no matter what. Rivers was well known for her flamboyant fashion taste. She had very specific opinions regarding what was stylish and what was not, including with jewelry.


Joan Rivers Over the Years

Born in 1933 as Joan Alexandra Molinsky, Joan Rivers was better known by her stage name for her roles as actress, comedian, writer, producer, and television host. Rivers had a long career, starring alongside some of the biggest names in the industry including Barbara Streisand, Ed Sullivan, and Billy Crystal.

The name Joan Rivers and controversy came hand in hand, as Rivers was far from being shy when it came to expressing herself and her opinions. From critiquing fellow celebrities to voicing her criticism regarding politics, Rivers did not have any kind of filter. She let it all out, and that is what made her Joan.


Joan Rivers on Jewelry

Rivers was much more than just a comedian; she was the definition of a fashionista, from clothing to shoes to jewelry. She even had her own line of jewelry at one point and had a lot to say on the topic.

Rivers felt that women loved jewelry because it’s a simple add-on to any look. Jewelry can instantly transform a bland outfit or less attractive figure into a sensational knockout.

As for why women actually buy jewelry, Rivers felt the reasons varied, depending on the type of jewelry. Fashion jewelry is often purchased to stay on top of the trends while fine jewelry is more of an investment and not something that is bought every day. Ms. Rivers touched on a very important point, which is that jewelry, diamonds and other precious stones in particular, are such great investment pieces because they are easy to conceal and transport.

She also felt that trends were something that could not be foreseen, planned, or predicted; they just happened. That’s the beauty of a true trend, it evolves on its own and its charm sells itself. Joan Rivers was a big fan of mixing fashion jewelry with good jewels, and stated that there shouldn’t be any fixed rules. Diamonds can be worn on casual attire such as with jeans just as they can be worn with a classy black dress. It’s part of the timeless appeal of elegant jewelry and the comedic giant practiced this philosophy till her dying day, may she rest in peace. 

Though Joan Rivers is longer with us, her name will live on forever, as will her countless pieces of fashion advice, hilarious one liners, and unforgettable getups and jewelry pieces she has adorned over the years.

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