Katy Perry Sparkled in Diamonds and Crystals at the 2015 Super Bowl

The much-anticipated Super-Bowl-Sunday and all it entails may be behind us, but we can still see the sparkle left by the fabulous Katy Perry who gave the performance of a lifetime at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. It took four wardrobe changes, a pair of 20-carat diamond studs, and 22,000 crystals embedded in clothing, shoes, and five different microphones to get the talented 30-year-old singer through her historic show, and it made all the difference. The six months of prep time it took to get Ms. Perry ready for the show was well worth it, as the result as a perfect performance complete with ensembles, jewels, and all.


The Outfits

No one expected Katy Perry to disappoint in the wardrobe department, but each and every getup outdid the next. They were all well over the top, beginning with her fiery outfit for her song “Roar” to her beach-ball costume for “Teenage Dream” to the oversized jersey she wore for “Get UR Freak On” to her phenomenal “Firework” ensemble, which included a stunning star-covered gown with a thigh-high slit.


The Jewels

Katy might have made some kind of record with all of those impressive wardrobe changes but one thing that remained unchanged throughout all of her performances was the pair of magnificent diamond studs by Lorraine Schwartz. The earrings lay flat against her ears, making the already extremely large studs shine incredibly brightly. Each stud consisted of a 9-carat diamond surrounded by a carat worth of smaller diamonds, putting the pair at a total of 20 carats. That is a whole lot of diamonds for two small earlobes!


Crystals Galore

Though Katy’s earrings were legendary, they were not the only things that shone throughout the show. A total of 22,000 crystals adorned the pop singer’s five various microphones that she used throughout the performances, outfits, and shoes. The beach-ball-inspired number was embellished with crystals, as was the artist’s oversized jersey hoodie, which displayed the number 49, signifying the 49th Super Bowl. 12,600 Swarovski crystals adorned the booties she wore during “Roar” and she used a custom bedazzled microphone for every one of her songs.

There were many complaints this year regarding the commercials at the Super Bowl, however, Katy Perry more than made up for it with her extraordinary presentation and outstanding fashion choices. As flashy, and perhaps even as controversial, as the lovely Katy Perry can get, the star still always knows how to keep it classy. She did so with her exquisite yet simple diamond accessories as well as her neat and inconspicuous slicked back, high ponytail. It is doubtful that next year’s performer, whoever it may be, will be able to surpass Perry’s smashing success at this year’s Super Bowl.


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