LEIBISH Selects Sightsavers as Its Charitable Cause for 2018

Working with brilliant diamond jewelry, our eyes are open to see just how fortunate we are for our vision. Only, if your vision were stripped away, how far would you be willing to go in order to get it back?

New York, NY – January 31, 2019 - LEIBISH is proud to announce its collaboration with Sightsavers, an international organization that is committed to fighting the battle with avoidable blindness. According to studies that have been conducted, over 75% of sight loss can be cured or prevented altogether. As a company with a visual product at its core, LEIBISH understands the magnitude of contributing to a cause that could provide hundreds upon thousands of underprivileged individuals with the gift of sight and has therefore chosen Sightsavers as its charitable cause for 2018.


The Sightsavers organization helps us all live a better, happier life


See how LEIBISH is helping to brighten the future for so many people!

In addition to being a proud advocate for conflict-free diamonds, holding to the highest industry standards, LEIBISH decided to present a guaranteed donation to Sightsavers with every purchase from the LEIBISH website throughout the year. “One can only appreciate the full beauty of a diamond with the ability to actually see it. Therefore, selecting Sightsavers as our charitable cause for 2018 was an easy choice,” said Leibish Polnauer, President of LEIBISH “Each small donation goes such a long way and we are so happy to be able to be making such a difference in these people’s lives.

Sightsavers asked people to put a value on their sight after temporarily removing it


Every purchase on the website will automatically release a donation to the cause. It’s amazing to consider how easy it is to change the lives of so many people.

  • £1 donated can buy one cataract surgery lens
  • £30 can pay for an adult’s cataract surgery
  • £50 pays for a child’s cataract surgery
  • A mere £1.50 will pay for a pair of spectacles

Sightsavers not only aims to avoid blindness and provide treatment for those in need, but also fights for disability rights.

Working with Sightsavers is by no means LEIBISH’s sole social cause. In the past, the diamond company has supported campaigns including breast cancer awareness, The Museum of Tolerance in Mumbai, Syrian refugee aid, and feeding the hungry. Once again, LEIBISH is stepping up to do its part in the hopes that they can help brighten the future of many others.

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