The Low-Down on Lohan

Troubled Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, has been traipsing the theater scene in the West End, London boards recently in the David Mamet play, Speed The Plow.

The play is about two Hollywood womanizers who decide to make a wager as to which one of them will be successful in bedding the new temp, played by Lohan.

The size of the wager though, a paltry $500, pales in significance when compared to the cost of the stunning diamond ring spotted on the star’s finger as she exited The Playhouse Theatre recently. 

The enormous diamond ring, worn on her engagement ring finger, set tongues wagging. However, rumors about her being engaged were quickly dispelled as this is not the first time that Lohan has been spotted wearing diamond jewelry, and why not, after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend! There's no reason to not to get her engagement ring collection started, Victoria Beckham-style.

Lohan was dressed to the nines and the ring was the perfect accessory to round off her designer outfit. And in London as in Hollywood, it is imperative that a star always looks their best. The paparazzi are ever-present and the social scene is vibrant. London, with its cosmopolitan vibe, plenty of first class restaurants, and a world renowned theater scene that definitely has enough interest to keep Lohan occupied during her stay in this thespian Mecca.

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