Margot Robbie Engaged?

When you are blonde, blue-eyed, a super talented actress, and sport an adorable Australian accent to boot, you are far from being short on reasons to draw attention. Nevertheless, the beautiful Margot Robbie has added a few to her repertoire upon appearing at the Legend of Tarzan premiere. It wasn’t just her Japanese-themed gown with pink furry cuffs, but rather her enormous pink diamond ring that got our attention. It is very possible that this stunning star is very much off the market.


The Ring

It is very hard not to notice the massive bling attached to Robbie’s finger in various snapshots of late. Surrounded by a halo of smaller colorless diamonds and set upon a diamond-studded band, the large center stone displays a deep pink color that is unique to pink diamonds. Even if Margot hadn’t been flaunting it somewhat obviously as she ran her hands through her blonde mane, chances are we would have still noticed the eye candy immediately given its size, color, and shine.


The Couple

Margot Robbie and boyfriend Tom Ackerley have been dating for two years. The two met on set and after a long friendship, the pair began to take things to the next level. The British assistant director is the “best-looking guy in London,” according to Robbie.


The Announcement 

Although there has yet to be an official statement regarding the couple’s upcoming nuptials, it seems quite safe to assume that this giant gemstone is in fact a sign of a wedding in the near future. She may not have come out and said “I’m engaged,” but Margot’s body language is apparent in every one of her photos. You can almost feel how excited she is to be wearing that gorgeous pink diamond ring.

Celebrities and fancy color diamonds are no new combo, but every celebrity color diamond sighting is always exciting. It is not every day that we see a stone with such a hue and of such caliber on an up and coming actress, so we are very much enjoying the moment this spectacular piece of jewelry has created.

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