Millions of Dollars Worth of Jewelry Stolen from Kim Kardashian During Armed Robbery

Celebrities sometimes give us the feeling that they are invincible. Their lavish jewelry, enormous homes, and luxurious lifestyles assist in creating the illusion that not only are their lives perfect, but that harm can never come their way.

Obviously this is far from the truth, and there is no shortage of stories in the magazines and tabloids reporting the many woes of celebrity-hood and the drama that it ensues. However, when it comes to a certain reality star and socialite by the name of Kim Kardashian West, the fairytale life is taken to a whole new level. Kim is the face of perfection, with her flawless looks, permanently manicured nails, bronze-toned skin, slick black hair, and her endless supply of the most fashionable clothing on the planet. It doesn’t end there. Kim has been known to sport some of the most extravagant and expensive jewelry in Hollywood. Perhaps this is why Ms. Kardashian was the target of one of the most horrifying celebrity robberies in quite some time.

In Paris for Fashion Week, Kim was staying at a town house apartment in one of the most lavish complexes in the city. She of course was provided with a security guard who guarded the entry to her room. This was on top of the complex’s security. However, when creative and smart thieves come up with a plan that includes disguising themselves as policemen, even someone like Kim Kardashian can fall prey to a traumatic though violent-less burglary.

The perpetrators feigning to be police made their way into the building and threatened the guard, eventually allowing them access into Kim’s temporary residence at approximately 2:30am Paris time. They held a gun to Kim’s head and left her tied up in the bathroom. The thieves then proceeded to search the room for valuables. This of course included jewelry totaling millions of dollars as well as several cell phones. After completely robbing Kim of all the valuables she had with her and leaving her extremely shaken up, the burglars got away, some of them on bicycles. They have yet to be caught.

Though not physically harmed, Kim was so shaken up that she left the City of Lights immediately aboard a private jet. Her husband, rapper Kanye West, was notified of the disturbing event mid-concert and canceled the show stating a “family emergency.” Kim spoke to investigators regarding the five masked robbers in hopes of finding them and having justice served.

Most of the jewels that were stolen were inside a box. Additionally, Kim’s $4 million engagement ring was stolen. That is not just monetary value there, but extreme sentimental value as well.

Following the event, Kim spent much of her time at home and at her mother’s house, given the fact that she didn’t want to be left alone during Kanye’s frequent travels. Though she has now been spotted here and there, Kim has made a point of stating that she has no desire to go back to her previous lavish lifestyle. Perhaps this just her immediate reaction to the robbery or perhaps this was a turning point in the making as she is now a mother to two small children. Regardless, although certain aspects of Kim’s life may change significantly during the upcoming months, we are certain we will still see a plethora of jewels adorning Kim’s curvaceous body in the near and not-so-near future.

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