The World Loses a True Fashion Genius

When great people make a huge impact in this world, in whichever field or industry, it is hard to believe that a day will come when they will no longer be with us. Oscar de la Renta departed this world on October 20th 2014 and left behind him more than a legacy thanks to his brilliant talent and work. Known best for designing the late Jackie Kennedy’s wardrobe, de la Renta went on to design some of the most significant pieces of fashion on the planet. His name was synonymous with fashion, style, and everything and anything related to that niche. Here is a look back at this wonderful man and the legend he created.


Oscar and the First Ladies


For six decades, Oscar de la Renta has been the fashion icon of America, catering to well-to-do clientele, especially celebrities. De la Renta’s name goes hand in hand with the name behind the most famous first ladies’ wardrobes, as he is responsible for the phenomenal getups worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and even Michelle Obama. The designer was famous for dressing the iconic Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s and later for providing the late Princess Diana with stunning apparel.


A Favorite Among the Celebrities


It is not for no reason that Oscar de la Renta became the go-to designer for celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, and even young folk such as Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart. Oscar’s designs are worn to the most prominent events including the Emmy’s, the Grammy’s, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes and cater to all ages and personalities. Each and every design is unique and manages to stand out from the many designs that are out there.


Oscar de la Renta as a Jewelry Designer


After decades of clothing designing behind him, and after becoming a permanent fixture in the American fashion industry, particularly among the aristocratic and “ladies that lunch,” de la Renta joined the accessory industry when he launched a line of jewelry, furs, lingerie, sleepwear, eyewear, cosmetic cases, and scarves in 2001. He also introduced a men’s line featuring sports coats, hosiery, suits, and pants. His jewelry line offered a wide selection of fashion jewelry in a variety of styles. The jewelry designs fuse together the world of elegance with the modern world of fashion. This has resulted in statement-making pieces that are each unique and individual.


Though no definite cause of death has been established, it is known that de la Renta had been battling cancer for several years now. He was surrounded by family during his passing, and they are comforted knowing the extensive mark that he has left in this world and will continue to leave through his colossal enterprise and unforgettable legacy.

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