SAG Awards 2017

When jewelry is loud, colorful, or on the large side, we tend to refer to them as statement pieces. However, when such items become the norm, are they still making a statement? This is most definitely a question to ponder when taking in the glorious jewelry seen at this year’s SAG Awards

Much like a few recent red carpet events where elaborate and bold pieces were spotted quite a bit, the SAG Awards was bursting with color and personality due to the many hard-to-miss jewelry pieces that stars of all ages and body shapes were wearing. In fact, it was the simpler and more traditional jewelry that “stood out.” Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy pieces and at what set them apart from the rest.


Hair Jewels 

Let us begin with the less obvious and the somewhat refreshing and new looks. They do not appear in traditional form, which should already indicate their uniqueness. We are not talking about rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even brooches. The latest bling appeared on none other than several event-goers hair!

Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black was the first to waltz in with a bejeweled hairdo. Her faux locks, which took 11 hours to create, were adorned with $50,000 worth of jewels from Gabriel & Co. Janelle Monae was a fair contender with a $45,000 gold, ceramic, and diamond headband from Chanel Fine Jewelry that adorned her double bun hairdo. Lastly, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things shone in a crystal-encrusted choker by Jennifer Behr, which she wore as a headband over her short locks.



One of the most significant necklace style trends that we saw at the Golden Globes was the choker necklace. Seeing plenty of them at the SAG Awards simply didn’t’ have the same effect, especially when Michelle Williams showed up in yet another fabric choker. However, when given some flare, some chokers did stand out quite a bit. One solid example is the stunning Cartier choker modeled by the gorgeous Amy Adams. Worn slightly lower down on her neck and ironically softened by a large gem-studded ornament, the choker suited Amy’s classic black gown, leaving room for her matching earrings and bracelet.



Earrings always have a way of making themselves seen, thereby dubbing them “statement earrings.” From draping chandelier earrings, to shiny hoops and regal drop earrings, the otherwise hidden jewelry item finds a way to make an appearance. The theme at this year’s SAG Awards seemed to be large, loud, and close to the ear. This came in the form of feathered-wing crawlers on Sofia Vergara’s ears, emerald fan earrings on Janelle Monae, and large snail-shaped earrings that possibly contained orange diamonds on Michelle Dockery.



Janelle Monae completed her very busy look by adding an array of diamond and white metal rings on almost every finger. This look was also seen at the Golden Globes and takes the statement ring to a whole new level. 

Diamonds, color diamonds, color gemstones, large stone, interesting piece; you name it and it was at this year’s SAG awards. This shows us two things: people are growing bolder, and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and individuality. Many found their true selves in interesting and colorful jewelry while others, like Emma Stone went with traditional and “conservative” jewelry to complement her very happening floral and lace gown. Though lower on the radar, Emma’s jewels are worth a small fortune with her bracelet, earrings, and ring totaling nearly $125,000. Whether you prefer her Tiffany & Co. look or would rather something with a bit more pizazz, you can certainly be inspired by the many looks displayed on the 2017 SAG Awards’ red carpet.


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