Spring Fashion Trends 2013

As the seasons change so do the fashion trends. The recent conclusion of summer followed by the recently held New York Fashion Week meant that we were granted a preview as to what is going to be hot in Spring 2013. With the fashion industry working a year ahead of time, this gives us ample opportunity to prepare ourselves for the upcoming trends. After all, there is nothing like being ahead of the pack in the fashion stakes.

The dominant colors this spring include light green, grayed jade, emerald, violet, poppy red, nectarine, yellow, deep blue, and light blue. Yet, as a contrast, one more go to color for Spring 2013 will be gray.

Going Grayz in Spring

Perhaps a color not associated with Spring is going to be one of the biggest colors for Spring 2013 - gray. Seen as the perfect compromise between black and white, gray, in all its shades was definitely a trend on the runways.

And on the jewelry front: The gray trend will be provided contrast from the use of brightly colored jewelry - think natural fancy color diamonds in all the trendy colors.  If you want to brighten and provide contrast to gray clothing, diamonds in shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, red, purple, chameleon, and violet would be the perfect accompaniment. For a more demure look, pair your gray clothing with gray, black, or white diamonds. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

 4.26 Carat, A Fancy Color Diamond Collage Designer Ring, Mix0.15 Carat, Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Pave Heart Earrings, Round7.28 Carat, Fancy Colored, VS1

A stunning multicolored designer ring, Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds in a motif heart shape earrings, and luxurious brooch of different fancy colored stones 

Rebirth in Spring

The floral trend has been on a roll for a while now and this trend shows no signs of slowing. The romance of floral prints and the matching of flowers is the perfect adjunct to the season when all is in bloom. And this is where the floral trend in Spring 2013 will differentiate itself; it will be more romantic and whimsical as seen in the fashion below.


And on the jewelry front: A recent trend in jewelry has been brightly colored jewelry in floral arrangements – floral jewelry structured with flowers, petals, and buds as the basis for necklaces, pendants, and brooches. Be a hopeless romantic and match your floral prints to your floral jewelry.

 3.21 Carat, Fancy Light Pinkish Brown, Round, SI10.53 Carat, Fancy Light Pink, Round, VS21.00 Carat, Fancy Brownish Pink, Cushion

The epitome of an elegant floral design, a flower ensemble with a brownish-pink center diamond; another floral pink diamond pendant; and a Ambrosial 18k White & Rose Gold Pave diamond ring


Grace in Lace

Lace is set to make a HUGE comeback in Spring 2013. As both the star of the show or as its supporting cast, lace was everywhere in the Spring 2013 collections during Fashion Week.

Just check out the fashions below from

And on the jewelry front: Lace comes in many styles – check out Jason Wu’s sleek and streamlined look for Spring 2013 vs. Marchesa’s romantic take – therefore it is virtually impossible to match it with one style of jewelry and the appropriate jewelry type would be outfit specific. Jason Wu used minimalistic ear cuffs to add details to his runway show, while Marchesa paired large - vive la difference!

From the conservative, to the romantic; from the colorful to the wistful, the fashions for the upcoming spring have something for everyone.


Contributor: Benji Margolese

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