The DeYoung Pink

The DeYoung Pink Diamond is a natural fancy intense purplish-pink diamond with a clarity grade of SI-1. At 2.86 carats, the De Young Pink is not known for its size but rather for its color and history. The pear-shaped diamond comes from the Williamson mine in Tanzania. Named after the DeYoung family, who immigrated to Boston in 1835, the DeYoung Pink is one of the two rare diamonds that Sydney DeYoung donated to the Smithsonian Institute. The other stone is the DeYoung Red, a fabulous 5.03-carat red diamond.

The DeYoung Dynasty began in 1835 and has continued until today. Simon DeYoung emigrated from Holland with four of his colleagues. Together they began a family diamond cutting business, one of the first in America. Later on DeYoung joined forces with diamond cutter Henry D. Morse, and was followed by his son, Jacob DeYoung.  Jacob’s son Sydney DeYoung joined him in the 1920s and expanded the business greatly by adding other stones such as pearls, colored gems, and antique jewels.

It was Sydney’s remarkable eye for extraordinary stones that brought many famous and royal jewels into his collection. He was generous enough to donate rare pink and red diamonds, now known as the DeYoung Pink and the DeYoung Red, to the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian located in Washington D.C.

Towards the middle of the twentieth century Sydney DeYoung’s nephew, Joseph H. Samuel Jr., joined the company and managed to expand the business both domestically and internationally. The DeYoung Pink is not only an exceptionally rare and precious famous pink diamond; it is a significant historic symbol of the American Dream.

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