This Year's Argyle Pink Diamond Tender - 2012

The Argyle mine in Australia is most well known for its production of some of the finest Argyle Pink Diamonds in the market, even though most of the diamonds produced in the Argyle mine are champagne and colorless. So much so, that when people think of the Argyle mine, they often directly correlate its name together with pink diamonds although it is only a small percentage of what the mine produces.


The image depicts the 17 Tender diamonds LEIBISH won in the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2012

Argyle Pink Diamonds are considered among the most beautiful stones in the world. As such, Argyle felt it was necessary to whatever possible to brand their Pink diamond division. Following are some amazing examples of how they have branded their products:

  • THEIR OWN COLOR SCALE - Argyle grades their own diamonds according to their own color scales

  • LASER INSCRIPTIONS - Argyle inscribes their company emblem onto their diamonds

0.72ct Fancy vivid Purplish Pink with Argyle Inscription

0.72ct Fancy vivid Purplish Pink with Argyle Inscription

  • THEIR OWN CERTIFICATES - Argyle provides their own diamond certificates

0.51 FPURed PLG76 Argyle small

0.51 FPURed PLG76 Argyle small

  • ANNUAL DIAMOND TENDER - Argyle tenders off the very best of the diamonds mines throughout the year

Argyle Diamond Tenders

Throughout their year’s diamond production, Argyle collects the very best of the diamonds mined. They save these stones, usually between 50 - 75, give them lot numbers, and even name the rarest diamonds of the collection. They are then tendered off in the exclusive Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. Only the most highly regarded diamond companies are invited to participate in this event. In fact, by just participating in the tender it is already considered quite an honor.

This year Argyle made the decision to combine the;

  • Argyle Pink Diamond Tender - The annual tender held by Argyle where they tender off the very best stones collected that year.
  • Once in a Blue Moon Tender - The Argyle tender held only once in 2009 where the very best Blue Diamonds were tendered off.

In total, this year there were 75 LOTs available.

How it Works

Now in actuality, nothing much goes on at the tender, other than the excitement of those that view the stones and submit their bids. But the potential of winning some of the finest diamonds in the world today is fantastic.

The way it works is each participant views the stones and then submits their bids…and the highest bidder wins. The tough part is submitting a bid high enough to win while remaining as close to that stones market value as possible.

LEIBISH’s Winnings

Well, it is no surprise that LEIBISH was excited to learn that our own chief diamond buyer, Shmulik Polnauer, won 17 Argyle Tender Diamonds in this year’s tender. Including, LOT 57 which is an extremely rare 0.33 point Fancy Gray-Violet, Heart-shaped diamond called the Argyle Allure.


Investment Potential

Shmulik returned to the office and said that to him "it was clear that regardless of what happens in the market, a high demand for these stones remain." In fact, before we even received the stones from Argyle, more than half were already presold with some of our clients. "Tender diamonds are considered an exceptional investment stones as a result of their market appreciation over the years, and only a small percentage of the general public are aware of this."

 Natural Blue Argyle Diamonds

LOT 57 and LOT 60 of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2012

Natural Argyle Blue Diamonds

LOT 60 and LOT 63 of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2012 

Natural Argyle Blue Diamonds

Argyle Blue, LOT 60, and LOT 68 or the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2012

LEIBISH holds one of the largest collections of Argyle Pink Diamonds and is glad to offer you these unique Argyle tender stones in addition.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or visit us at

Contributor: Benji Margolese

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