Tina Simpson Engaged

Jessica Simpson wowed us with her ruby and diamond engagement ring, and her sister Ashlee impressed with her diamond, ruby, and yellow gold bauble. But don’t think for a moment that their good taste wasn’t passed down to them from someone who knows how to sport F A N T A S T I C jewelry!

Now, it’s their incredible mother, Tina Simpson’s, turn. Her 34-year marriage may have ended, but Tina did not give up on love. In fact, she found it in none other than gardener Jon Goldstein. The two could not look happier, making the two celebrity daughters happy as well, since, after all, a happy mother equals a happy daughter.


The Ring

Tina’s ring can easily be summed up in one word: different. Almost every feature of this ring is unlike most engagement rings. Besides for the colorless diamond factor, which is fairly traditional, the ring boasts unique characteristics including a marquise shaped diamond and a yellow gold setting. While it may or may not be in your taste, many would go crazy over the personality that this ring exudes. Regardless of what we all think, Tina loves the ring and that’s all that matters.


The Story

The mother of two and grandmother of three, with another on the way, has known her fiancé for 15 years, as he was the family gardener. Jon Goldstein runs Beverly Hills-based Johnny Appleseed Landscaping and has been very fond of the Simpson family. Goldstein and Simpson have been seeing each other for at least a year now, which was clear when Tina brought him as her date to Jessica’s wedding last July. Two years after her difficult split from Joe Simpson, Tina is ready to start over.

While we already know that with Jessica, life is a fairytale, The entire Simpson clan seems to be ecstatic about the joyous news and look forward to celebrating with the family’s matriarch. The 55-year-old newly engaged bride-to-be should have at least another 34 years of love and happiness ahead of her. With such a creative family, I have no doubt that all three of them will be in the spotlight showing off all their gorgeous diamond and gemstone jewelry in years to come.

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