5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Color Diamonds

The common denominator of all the “tricks” for saving money when you are shopping for color diamonds is searching for that specific detail that speaks to you, but at the same time, can bring down the price of a diamond. By becoming familiar with diamonds, and how buy jewelry works, you will discover how to get the most for your money.

1. Look for Diamonds with Flaws

Yes, that’s right. The very first way to save money is by seeking out color diamonds with inclusions. These stones have a less than perfect clarity level, which directly translates into lower prices. Now, sometimes these flaws very much justify the drastic price reduction. However, other times, the consumer is the one who gets to benefit. The flaws are assessed under a 10x magnification, meaning that without a diamond loupe, they are barely visible. You can save a great deal of money this way, and truth be told, if a diamond is the right color, size, and shape, that flaw might actually be barely noticeable.

0.35ct Fancy Purplish Red Heart (External Inclusion)

0.35ct Fancy Purplish Red Heart (External Inclusion)

2. Don’t Fret About the Shape

You might have a particular shape in mind, but when it comes to color diamonds, shapes take on a whole new meaning. Colorless diamonds are all about the brilliance. Therefore, the brilliant round shape is one of the most popular and desired shapes. Other shapes, such as emerald, princess, radiant, cushion, and even oval, are often more expensive. However, the opposite is true in color diamonds, where round is the least common shape and therefore can add significantly to the price. Complete the unique factor of a color diamond with an less expensive diamond shape, either cushion or radiant. Both of these shapes are great for showing off a color diamond’s color.

A radiant and cushion cut diamond

A radiant cut and a cushion cut diamond

3. Ignore Carat Size

Diamonds are measured in carats. What you may not know is that this refers to a diamond’s weight, not size, and that they are not one and the same. Similar to the way in which two human beings can both weigh the same amount but look completely different, diamonds can have identical carat weights but vary greatly in terms of appearance. You might be in the market for a 2-carat diamond, but since the price for such a stone is not in your budget, you can consider a 1.80-carat or so diamond that carries most of its weight in its table rather than in the girdle or pavilion. This means that the diamond is on the shallow side, resulting in a diamond with a lower carat weight that appears as large as its higher-carat-weight counterpart.

4. Exercise Flexibility with the Color

The colorless diamond may depend on the 4 Cs (clarity, cut, color, and carat) to define its worth but for all intents and purposes the color diamond has one main C: color. Color diamonds are extremely rare, particularly certain colors including pink, green, blue, purple, and red. Additionally, the color purity of a diamond is a serious factor when establishing the value of a color diamond. Therefore, if you have your mind set on one of the pricier colors, consider looking into stones with a less expensive secondary color such as gray, brown, or yellow. Similarly, since sticking to a budget means making compromises, you can decide to cling to the prestigious element of color purity and go with a pure yellow or brown diamond instead of a stone containing a more expensive hue, even if it is a secondary color.

 A Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Diamond

A Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Diamond, identical in color but with a significant price difference

5. Play the Carat Number Game

This is the loophole of all loopholes when it comes to finding ways to save money on buying color diamonds, or any diamond for that matter. Diamonds are sold per carat, but the price per carat rises significantly once a certain number has been reached. For instance, a 0.90-carat stone and a 1-carat stone will not simply have that 0.10 carat price difference. No, the minute the weight reaches 1-carat, the price per carat that you are charged changes. That is a huge difference considering the minute variance one can detect with an untrained eye. These price discrepancies sky rocket when talking about rare color diamonds. It is therefore very much recommended to look for a diamond that has the visual size you are after rather than the actual carat size. Factor in your preferred color and you can save yourself a bundle while landing your ideal diamond.

It does take a bit of knowledge and handy information to figure out a way to buy a stunning and rare color diamond for less. However, in the end, you still have to fall in love with the diamond. Knowing that your dream stone is still within your reach can help you find the diamond that you have really been dreaming of!

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