7ct Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Sold at Record Price

On Tuesday, May 18, 2009, Sotheby's made history by selling a 7.03 ct flawless, vivid blue diamond for an astounding US $9.49 million. It was a cushion shaped diamond mounted in a platinum ring.

This was the highest price ever paid at an auction per carat, with this stunning stone fetching US $1,349,752.00.

This price included the commission paid by the buyer to Sotheby's.

We write about this auction because this sale is relevant to our personal clients.

It demonstrates how rare, natural fancy colored diamonds are holding their prices, with extremely unique stones achieving a substantial appreciation in value.

This is in spite of the economic downturn - proof that these natural colored diamonds are showing resilience to the depressed market, and confirming our belief that they are a fantastic investment proposal.

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