The Very First Look at the 2014 Argyle Tender Diamonds

The Argyle Tender is the annual, prestigious invitation only tender that is held by Rio Tinto’s famous Australian Argyle Mine. Only the most respected members of the diamond trade are invited to participate in a single bid per stone of the very best pink diamonds that were mined that year. This year's very much anticipated Argyle Tender, the celebrated 30th Tender of its kind, will take place in September, and the listing has finally been released. The incredible 54 lots include 6 gorgeous red diamonds, only 4 of which are Fancy Red, and 48 beautiful pink diamonds.

Argyle diamonds are among the rarest gems in the world with the unique added benefit that they have exceptional investment value. They display an exquisite beauty, they offer a glimpse of eternity, and express a sense of adventure.The Argyle diamond mine yields about 80 percent brown diamonds, some 15 percent yellows, about 4 percent white diamonds, and the remaining 1 percent are either red, pink, violet, purple, gray, green or blue.

The Three Main Diamonds

Since there were so many outstanding diamonds at this year’s tender, it is impossible to discuss every one of them. Therefore, we will elaborate on the top three most important diamonds of the tender, each named to emphasize its exceptional and magnificent beauty. The 48 pink diamonds range in size from 2.17 carats to 0.32 carats, and the red diamonds range from 1.21 carats to 0.33 carats.

The Argyle Cardinal

Named like the beautiful red bird, this diamond is a beautiful Fancy Red with SI2 clarity, a Radiant cut, and weighing 1.21 carats. Speculation is that the Cardinal will sell for $2 Million.

The Argyle Toki

This beautiful pink diamond is named for the delicate pink underwings of a rare Japanese bird. The 1.59 carat emerald cut diamond is a stunning Fancy Intense Purplish Pink with SI2 clarity.

The Argyle Rosette

Named for its intense pink color, the Argyle Rosette is Fancy Intense Purplish Pink with VS2 clarity, weighing in at 2.17 carats.

The other 5 red diamonds include a 0.64 carat Fancy Red I1 pear shaped diamond, a 0.33 carat Fancy Red I1 round brilliant diamond, a 0.34 carat Fancy Red SI1 emerald cut diamond, a 0.57 carat Fancy Purplish Red I1 radiant cut diamond, and a 0.96 carat Fancy Purplish Red I2 radiant cut diamond. The 48 pink diamonds include a mix of radiants, princess shapes, rounds, ovals, and hearts, ranging intensities from Fancy Deep/Vivid to Fancy, and clarities from VS2 to I1. One of our favorites is Lot 16, the 0.35 carat Fancy Vivid Pink I2 round brilliant diamond for its incredibly rich color and beautiful proportions.

30th Anniversary Celebrations

In honor of its significant anniversary, Argyle has come out with a Limited Edition collection of pink diamond pendants to celebrate, valued at $20,000. However, as always, the Argyle Tender will be an exciting event with fascinating pieces. There is much excitement and anticipation brewing as the first information is being released about the Lot listings, and only time will tell as to how the tender will proceed, and how successful the new promotional pendants will become.

This year, the first lady of Japan Mrs. Akie Abe was invited to preview the 54 diamonds of the Tender collection and was the first to see one of the 3 hero diamonds, the Argyle Toki. The 2013 Argyle Tender featured 64 impressive lots, comprising 58 pink diamonds, 3 violet gray/blue diamonds, and 3 red diamonds. Rio Tinto Diamonds’ managing director Jean-Marc Lieberherr said "We were delighted to welcome Mrs. Abe and show her at first hand these beautiful gems, the pinnacle of Australia's mineral wealth and symbolic of our enduring relationship with Japan." Since the general public is not allowed into the Argyle Tender to buy diamonds, they must rely on diamond retailers such as LEIBISH for direct access to buy these stones, after they have been offered at tender.

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