The Argyle Pink Plume Pendant: A Tribute to the Mine’s 30th Anniversary

Any anniversary can be a reason to celebrate, but marking 30 years is particularly a special milestone, especially for the mine that claims to be responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. In honor of its 30th anniversary, the famous Argyle mine in Australia is introducing a limited edition Pink Plume Pendant, of which there will only be 100 units sold worldwide. It seems that birds are the dominant theme of this year’s marketing, as the featured diamonds in the Argyle tender, such as the Cardinal, were all named after birds, and the commemorative pendant is a pink plume.

The Pendant

In addition to creating and utilizing phenomenal marketing techniques, the Argyle mine also happens to produce remarkable diamonds. Pink diamonds are extremely rare to begin with, but a feather-shaped pendant embellished with 1-carat worth of the precious stone is even rarer as there will only be 100 of these beauties made available by the Argyle company. As of November 2014, the pendant will be sold at select Argyle retailers. In order to authenticate each and every one of these unusual pieces, the pendants are inscribed with a number ranging from 1 to 100 and come complete with a certificate of authenticity. The Argyle Pink Plume Pendant was first unveiled at an exclusive event in Sydney, which was held in collaboration with Vogue Australia. The feather design was inspired by the desolate landscape of the Kimberley region of western Australia, and only includes diamonds that were mined ethically.

The Argyle Tender

Since the Argyle mine produces such rare and beautiful stones that are in high demand, the company holds an annual exclusive sale known as the Argyle Tender. At these events the cream of the crop is offered to the lucky participants of the Tender. At the 2014 Argyle Tender, 55 diamonds, of which 51 were pink and purplish red diamonds and 4 were Fancy Red diamonds, have been put on display.

A significant moment is brought to life with a delicate pink diamond feather pendant, and that is the accomplishments of three decades of superb pink and red diamond production. Over these past 30 years, much effort and money has been invested in uncovering some of the world’s rarest and most precious stones that can be worn as jewelry and preserved as heirlooms for many years and generations to come.

Browse through some of the most magnificent Argyle Diamonds in the market.

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