Burmese Rubies Gemstones

Every single industry has its top-level items. Some are designed that way and are catered toward the elite. Other items are created in this form by nature, quite literally. Rubies are beautiful gemstones, and we therefore hold a very nice ruby collection, but some are simply more beautiful than others. The most coveted rubies of all come primarily from Burma, now known as Myanmar, and are called Burmese Rubies. These rubies are of much higher quality than rubies from other locations and also generally display a richer and more appealing red color. Pigeon Blood Rubies, the most desirable color for rubies, are often Burmese Rubies.

A beautifully pure specimen, a heart shaped loose rubyA beautifully pure specimen, a heart shaped loose ruby

About Burmese Rubies

Burmese Rubies are known for their unique coloring as well as for being the finest of all rubies. Like diamonds, rubies can range greatly in price from lesser quality and highly affordable stones to rare and desirable gems that can run into the millions. It is important to point out that while Burmese Rubies are synonymous with Burma Rubies, they can also refer to a ruby with a very fine red coloring that is not necessarily from Burma. It is for this reason that one should be wary when searching for genuine Burmese Rubies and should ask for the necessary documentation before making a purchase.

Most Famous Burmese Ruby

The most famous Burmese Ruby is housed in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. Set in a platinum ring with diamonds; the 23.1-carat ruby displays a rich, saturated red color as well as phenomenal transparency. The stone dates back to the 1930s when it was mined in Burma, now called Myanmar. It is one of the world’s largest and finest rubies.

The Value of a Burmese Ruby

Just because a ruby comes from a mine or a location that is famous for producing high-quality stones does not mean that every ruby to come forth is in fact a valuable stone. It is most likely though, that if you are after a top value ruby it will have originated from Burma. In short, high-quality rubies from Burma will probably cost more than high-quality rubies from other origins, but in general, a Burmese Ruby does not necessarily equal a hefty value.

 Pear Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Even Rubies that don't originate from Burma are gorgeous! For example, check out this beautiful 2.49Ct TW Pear Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Burmese Rubies can be compared in some ways to Argyle Diamonds and Colombian Emeralds in that the name of the stone’s origin has a huge effect on the item’s marketing. Gemstones with such prestigious brands attached to them draw lots of interest because brands sell. If you are after titles or have a solid budget, the wonderful world of Burmese Rubies can have a lot to offer you.

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