Colorless Diamonds Vs. Color Diamonds

Colorless Diamonds Vs. Color Diamonds

When talking about diamonds, an image of sparkling, transparent gemstones is generally what comes to mind. While this variety of diamonds known as colorless diamonds accounts for the majority of diamonds, they are far from being the only type. In fact, there is a whole world of diamonds displaying many different colors, known as Fancy Color Diamonds. Only a small percent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of being deemed a gemstone-quality color diamond. This is one of the reasons color diamonds can sometimes demand incredibly high prices. Another reason is that the production process for diamonds is lengthy and costly as it involves a great deal of resources and manpower. So why go for a color diamond? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each diamond, if at all? Let’s take a close look at colorless diamonds and color diamonds and try to determine the appeal of each stone.

Colorless Diamonds

One of the main draws of a diamond is its sparkle. Another main feature is its durability. While both colorless diamonds and color diamonds share this trait, they do not both feature the same level of shine that a colorless diamond has to offer. This element is actually why round colorless diamonds are the most popular shape. It is the brilliant cut and shape of a round diamond, and the many facets, which enables such a diamond to shine like no other stone. Furthermore, colorless diamonds are more abundant and thus generally more affordable. Of course, there are various quality levels based on the 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity, carat) and some stones can cost a fortune. Nevertheless, it is one of the selling points for colorless diamonds. Lastly, colorless diamonds are both timeless and neutral, which makes it an easy choice for many brides-to-be as well as those searching for their next jewelry piece. However, regardless of how beautiful a colorless diamond ring could be, it is still somewhat bland. Classic beauty cannot be disputed, but there is something to be said about unique taste, and items that don’t just showcase beauty but personality and flavor as well.

Fancy Color Diamonds

First and foremost it is important to stress that Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are found in nature with their unusual and breathtaking colors. It is this natural, organic phenomenon that makes them so special. While all diamonds were created underneath the earth’s surface over millions if not billions of years and brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions, some were exposed to additional elements, which altered their structure. This alteration comes across through the exquisite colors, such as blue, which is derived from the element boron, or yellow, which is caused by nitrogen. Color takes center stage when talking about color diamonds, whereas all 4 Cs are of equal importance in regards to colorless diamonds. Each diamond color varies in terms of rarity and price, and though most Fancy Color Diamonds are pricier than your typical colorless diamonds, some are comparable in price to colorless stones. This is especially true with brown diamonds but also true for certain yellows. Though price is something to take into consideration when thinking about purchasing a color diamond, one cannot forget what it is for. The steeper price tag helps you obtain a remarkable and natural specimen that stands out. It is chock full of personality while possessing the many positive attributes of a diamond. Color diamonds are durable, regal, and still classic while also embodying zest, youthfulness, and adventure. Choosing a color diamond may mean settling for a smaller stone, or combining it with colorless diamonds, but it will also provide you with lots of attention and something that sets you apart from everyone else.

Color diamonds

A plethora of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and budget. Once you decide what matters the most, you will ultimately be able to decide which diamond is for you. If it’s size you are after and you are on a budget, colorless may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you just want something really special and are willing to pay more for it, Fancy Color Diamonds may be the appropriate avenue. You can combine the best of both worlds and go for a halo style ring, which makes room for two colors. It’s up to you whether the center stone is colorless or color, thereby determining the color of the surrounding stones. This way you can have color and class, and perhaps even stay in budget.

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