Diamond Encrusted Gold Coins in Honor of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating sixty years as being Queen of England. Known as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the year is jammed packed with celebrations.  In order to commemorate this special anniversary, diamond encrusted gold coins have been created featuring the image of the Queen wearing her tiara, a necklace, and a brooch. The East India Company has crafted sixty of these unique coins in honor of the Queen’s sixty-year reign. The gold coins sell for the steep price of 125,000 pounds, or approximately $195,187. The words “Elizabeth Regina” are written above the image and “Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012” is inscribed below it. Each coin weighs one kilogram, which is 2.2 pounds, and was worked on for over 1,000 hours.  There is also a silver version of the Jubilee collector’s coin, which is much less expensive at only 25,000 pounds and lighter as well.

Although they are quite expensive, there are many individuals, particularly international buyers, who are interested in purchasing these rare souvenirs.  Therefore the company will have private viewings of the coins in several locations including Monaco, Moscow, Geneva, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and India.  In addition to being constructed from solid gold, the coins boast diamonds carefully set upon the tiara, necklace, and brooch, which are engraved onto the coin. Every buyer receives the diamond encrusted gold coin in a royal purple velvet lined-case designed by the British company Linley. Also included is a book about the Queen’s sixty-year reign and a diamond-magnifying loupe, for getting a closer look at the encrusted diamond.

As lavish and expensive as these coins might be, they are still quite impressive.  Only a few individuals will get to own one of these historic pieces.  Every detail of the coin seems to be perfect, except it would have been more fitting for the brooch to be set with pink diamonds rather than white ones given the famous Williamson Pink Diamond brooch that belongs to the Queen. Perhaps the next edition will include that feature, though who knows how much that coin would cost.

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