Jennifer Lopez's Pink Diamond Ring and Additional Celebrities

Finding the perfect man is hard enough, however some girls seem to have all the luck. Not only are they famous, beautiful, talented, and wealthy; they also manage to find a man to endow them with the ultimate in engagement rings – a fancy color diamond engagement ring.

It was initially intended to rank these fancy color diamond engagement rings; however as there is no accounting for taste, it is perhaps best for the reader to observe, imbibe the beauty, and decide for themselves.

Therefore, in no particular order, here are some famous people and their equally famous engagement rings:


  1. Perhaps the A-list celebrity responsible for putting fancy color engagement rings on the map was Jennifer Lopez. Her first fiancé, Ben Affleck, presented Lopez with a 6.1-carat, radiant pink diamond ring, which garnered much attention. The ring, complete with three baguette white diamonds and a platinum band on each side cost the princely sum of USD1.2 million.

    Always a class act, Lopez returned the ring when they broke off the engagement.

    Fast forward a few years and the American Idol judge was presented by Marc Anthony with a 14-carat solitaire blue diamond ring. The ring, worth over USD4 million dwarfs her first ring both in size and cost. However, it was a gift to commemorate their first wedding anniversary. Just goes to prove that when one door closes, another one opens.

    Unfortunately, J. Lo and Anthony recently divorced. There is no news as to what has happened to the ring.
  2. Another stunning celebrity managed to strike it rich in the fancy color diamond engagement ring stakes; however this time in a different color. Former model and current Project Runway host, Heidi Klum, was presented by her beau, soul singer Seal, with a 10-carat, oval, fancy yellow diamond set with a tight knit yellow canary pave 2.5mm band. Seal spent over USD150,000 on the ring.
  3. Temperamental singer, Mariah Carey, received a USD2.5million Jacob & Co. ring from fiancé Nick Cannon. The 17- carat, square emerald-cut pink center diamond surrounded by 58 pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side no doubt helped bring a smile to her face.
  4. The Latinos sure know a thing or two when it comes to wooing a lady. The 11-carat pink, pear-cut diamond presented by Enrique Iglesias to fiancé Anna Kournikova for their engagement was created by Argyle and is valued at USD2.5 million. The ring also features two trillion side stones.
  5. Second time seems to be working a treat for Kate Hudson.

    Hudson’s second fiancé – and second husband, Matthew Bellamy, front man for Muse, presented her with a USD200,000, 9-carat emerald cut blue diamond upon their engagement.
    Kate seems to be very happy second time round. Perhaps the Chinese color for immortality, blue, in her engagement ring has something to do with it.
  6. Famous country singer, Carrie Underwood was the lucky recipient of a yellow diamond engagement ring by her fiancé, hockey player Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators.

    Not quite the size of a puck, the 5-plus carat round flawless yellow diamond with diamond side stones is estimated to have cost around USD150,000. It was designed for her by jeweler Johnathon Arndt. That should keep Carrie crooning for a while.
  7. Dax Shepard, longtime boyfriend of Gossip Girl star Kristen Bell, knew exactly what to buy for her engagement ring – a 3-carat Neil Lane emerald-cut fancy colored champagne diamond with platinum and tiny white diamond accents.
  8. Never one to be upstaged was famous for being famous heiress Paris Hilton. Hilton was engaged but never made it to the alter with billionaire Paris Latsis. Latsis presented Hilton with a 24-carat canary diamond ring worth USD5 million.

Eight celebrities, nine engagement rings.  Amongst the rich and famous, engagements and marriages tend to last less than a New York minute. Their physical professions of love though, as demonstrated by the fancy color diamond engagement rings, will last for millennia.


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