Famous Engagement Rings

Celebrities play a huge role in the world of marketing, whether intended or not.  All eyes are upon our favorite celebrity as he or she walks down the red carpet, announces a pregnancy, or displays a new engagement ring.

Celebrities of all sorts have become an important influence on the fashion choices, as well as other life decisions, that people make.  Since the impact of celebrities is so significant, many businesses make a point of keeping an eye on the more popular and impressionable famous people in order to remain up to date with their latest trends.  A celebrity wearing a particular dress or piece of jewelry can be worth more today than a substantially priced advertisement.

One of the hottest topics in the celebrity world is engagement. Everyone wants to know who is proposing to whom, who is engaged, and the most important question, what her ring looks like! Between the complicated romances that go on in Hollywood, the uncovered lovers that are exposed through politics, and the excitement of matchmaking that happens with royalty, there is a lot of commotion  when it comes to their engagement rings. We know we are not going to be shown a typical ring, but rather, one that will leave us stunned, and perhaps even drooling.

In order to get a better idea of what kind of engagement rings have made the news and caused some sort of uproar, let us take a look at some of the most famous engagement rings.  Here is a list of ten stars and their fabulous engagement rings.

Kate Middleton – How could we begin the list without the exceedingly famous engagement ring given to Princess Diana of Wales by Prince Charles, and later proposed with by Prince Edward? This blue oval sapphire and diamond ring was given to the longtime girlfriend of Britain’s Prince William. The ring had originally been the Prince’s mother’s, Princess Diana. In 1981, the ring was estimated at sixty-five thousand dollars. At the time of their engagement Prince Edward had proposed without a ring, and only after Princess Diana insisted they go to a store, did he purchase this historic ring. This ring is the most copied engagement ring in history.

Elizabeth Taylor – The name Elizabeth Taylor is not just iconic for her long and successful career, from a young child star in the 1940s to her benefit performances and political battles in the 21st century, but for her mesmerizing jewelry collection as well.  This collection includes the thirty-carat emerald-cut diamond ring she received from her third husband Michael Todd.

Jennifer Lopez
– Although she never ended up marrying Ben Affleck, he did give her ones of the most breathtaking and unique engagement rings in the history of famous engagement rings.  The ring boasted a six-carat shimmering pink diamond. The rarity of the ring and diamond drew much attention and the ring instantly became famous.  The ring, complete with three baguette white diamonds was purchased for 1.2 million dollars.  The ring was returned when the engagement was called off. 

Mariah Carey – Jacob & Co., made this popular singer’s ring.  Her ring sported a seventeen-carat square emerald-cut pink center diamond, which was surrounded by fifty-eight pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side.  Her ring cost two million dollars.

Katie Holmes – Katie’s ring from Tom Cruise features a five-carat oval-shaped diamond set in platinum and rose gold.  The ring resembles an antique ring with its two-tone embellishing.

Paris Hilton – The heiress could not have been disappointed with the five million dollar twenty-four carat canary diamond ring she received from former fiancé billionaire Paris Latsis.  Even if that wasn’t enough for the socialite, there was the fifteen-carat white emerald-cut diamond ring valued at 2.1 million dollars to satisfy her.

Britney Spears – Another famous engaged woman to receive two engagement rings is Britney Spears.  One was a forty thousand dollar four-carat cushion-cut diamond, which she bought for herself.  The other was one bought for her by her then husband Kevin Federline several months after they married.

Beyonce – J.Z. presented Beyonce with an eighteen-carat diamond ring, valued at five million dollars. Though not quite twenty-carats, this ring makes quite the impression.

Ivanka Trump  – Donald Trump’s daughter received a 5.22-carat cushion-cut diamond from now-husband Jared Kushner.   The diamond was set on a platinum and diamond band.

Grace Kelly – This famous ring was bought back in the day for six hundred thousand dollars. Prince Ranier III of Monaco bought Grace Kelly two rings.  The first was an eternity band by Cartier.  It was made of diamonds and rubies.  Only upon visiting the United States and realizing how large the diamonds were over there did he have a twelve-carat emerald-cut diamond ring made.  Today the estimated price of such a ring is approximately two million dollars.

Some celebrities and stars manage to fascinate us with their engagement rings, while others don’t seem to display anything too extraordinary.  Whether big, or even bigger, white or colored, emerald-cut or cushion-cut, the rings of the famous always leave a lasting impression.

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