Hong Kong to Launch 2015 Magnificent Jewels

In less than 2 weeks, the 2015 Magnificent Jewels road trip will start in no greater place for diamond record-making than Hong Kong. I had already reported about the magnificent Pink heart shaped diamond, and gorgeous Vivid Yellow Diamond, but now, it is possible to show off all the great Fancy Color Diamonds which will be put on auction for the lucky collections of those who will bid on them.

I am pleased to present the lineup of one of a kind items to be auctioned, based on the highest to lowest auction valuation estimates of the items.

The star jewel of the evening is actually a monumental 77.77 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 diamond with excellent symmetry. Estimated to get a price between $6.8 million - $7.7 million, it will probably not break any diamond auction records that day, but it will surely grab lots of attention and hype. It is mounted on a ring with 2 heart shaped diamonds totaling 5.00 carats.

The second highest valued item is a magnificent pair of earrings, starring a 4.01ct Fancy Intense Purple-Pink and a 3.72ct Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink diamond, both pear shaped. They are VS1 and VS2 clarities and the 4.01 is a type IIa diamond and are estimated to sell at a price between $6.2 million and $7.1 million. These will attract much attention due to both the rarity of such a color and their sizes.

The next item is a real rarity, and the headline maker of the evening. At 4.57 carats in weight, this Fancy Vivid Pink diamond is, simply putting it, once in a lifetime. To top it all off, it has the much-desired Internally Flawless clarity grade. This diamond is estimated to sell between $6.2 million and $7.1 million. The high end value estimate of $1.55 million per carat may actually be surpassed at the auction!

The next rare item is a 5.59 carat Fancy Intense Purple Pink VVS1 pear shaped diamond. It is estimated to sell at auction between $4.5 million and $5.2 million or $805k - $930k per carat. On May 18, 2004, an exact same size and color (5.59 ct Fancy Intense Purple Pink) sold for $330k per carat. This demonstrates that after 11 years, just the low estimated value by the auction house is still about 2.5 times the value of the same kind of diamond that was sold! The high end estimate is 2.8 times the value that the diamond was 11 years go. This is extremely impressive appreciation in value over an 11 year period. Can you point to similar appreciation in any other asset?

Next we have a Toi et Moi design. A 30.13 carat Fancy Intense Yellow VS1 diamond is paired with a 25.13 carat E color VVS1 colorless diamond. This ring is valued at $3.6 million - $4.3 million. Let’s see what happens - this is quite a broad price range!

Our next item up for bid is a 2.13 carat Fancy Intense Blue VS1 pear shaped diamond. Mounted on a ring with pink round diamonds around and colorless pear shaped diamonds around those, this ring should bring in lots of bids both for its beauty and its value potential. Estimated to sell at $1.14 million to $1.29 million or $535k - $605k per carat, this ring may actually break a sub-category record. In the 2-3 carat Fancy Intense Blue diamond range, the reigning record holder is a 2.20 carat Fancy Intense Blue sold back on November 26, 2013. At that time, the diamond was sold for $639k per carat. I have a feeling we will see a new record price for this category here with the sale of this ring. Let’s see how much more this type of diamond is valued by buyers only 15 months later.

Lastly, seeing as how we rarely see green diamonds in auction, here your opportunity to get one. At 2.16 carats, this Fancy Intense Green is also very unusual. It is estimated to sell at auction between $490k and $580k, or $227k to $269k per carat. This should be sold easily, and surpass the high end estimate that Sotheby’s has given it.

What do you think of my top picks for the auction? Which would you bid on if you were there?

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